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Global Resorts Network Membership Compared To Timeshare Purchase

By Philip McCollum


Over the past decade, timeshare resorts have been springing up in some of the most sought after destinations around the globe. Unfortunately, much of the development is being financed by major companies such as Marriott Corporation. I say this is unfortunate because they are out to make money and prices have escalated substantially. Just as bad, so have maintenance fees. On the other side is Global Resorts Network, a new way to utilize timeshare properties.   The timeshare environment is quite different than it was back in the 1980’s. Timeshares were a blessing for vacationers looking for a touch of class while still being affordable by ordinary folks.


Now, timeshares are priced out of reach of many people, especially when the maintenance fees and other fees associated with ownership are considered. Average annual maintenance fees are now almost $900 per year and that’s payable whether you go on vacation or not.   These changes in the timeshare industry sparked a brilliant idea by Chuck Tomlin, one of the founders of Global Resorts Network. Mr. Tomlin and his partner Al Morales have negotiated an agreement with one of the most prestigious private travel clubs on earth to allow Global Resorts Network to market their membership over the internet. With the Global Resorts Network membership, it is possible to stay in any of over 5000 worldwide 4 & 5 star resorts for family prices as low as $298 for the entire week.   The best news surrounding Global Resorts Network is that by utilizing the marketing efficiency of the internet, the membership is now being offered at a price never before seen in its 20-year history, a price so affordable that I am shocked. What this means is that the very same membership formerly sold to a wealthy clientele for around $16,000 is now offered for sale at a bargain price of $4995. This is a one-time fee and the membership is active for a lifetime, and beyond, up to 100 years and fully transferable through a will.   Not only that, there are no recurring fees associated with the membership.


Simply pay for the accommodations when you go on vacation at the highly discounted member rates, or pay nothing. It’s a great system. In addition, the membership continues to be improved. New resorts are being added daily and it’s possible to offer your member discount prices to friends, neighbor, family members, and business associates. Best of all, it is possible to find luxury accommodations even during peak season because there are no blackout dates. The Global Resorts Network membership can be used as often as you like. It’s possible to vacation every week of the year at super membership prices.   The company has provided several comparisons to other major travel sellers to illustrate the potential savings. I was skeptical, but I checked it out myself and I was surprised at the savings. At some locations in Hawaii and the Caribbean the savings for a week long stay were more than $2000.   Given the Global Resorts Network membership price is much less than the cost of an average timeshare, and the disadvantages of timeshare maintenance and upgrade fees have been eliminated, I honestly see no comparison between the two options.   My conclusion is that if luxury travel at bargain prices is appealing, purchasing a membership is a wise investment that can pay for itself in a couple weeks of vacation. I am sure the Global Resorts Network luxury travel club membership will be a hit with consumers. In fact, after researching the membership, I purchased the lifetime Platinum membership for myself.

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