5 hours left to join our Fast Track to 5 Figure Private Group, and attend our exclusive private training tonight!



About 5 hours left to join our Fast Track to 5 Figure Private Group, and attend our exclusive private training tonight!

Happy Monday, visionaries!


Our Exclusive Entrepreneur Group has now reached over 300 members! 🔥

And to celebrate…

…the 300th person was even gifted with a biz book that is helping us go full-time online! (How cool, right? Join a fb group and get a free book!? Congrats to THAT person!)

This group is EXPLODING with value & energy!!

(More on that in a sec.)

I wanted to share something with ya first…

Ever wonder why it’s possible for people to buy a restaurant or franchise, and BARELY even step into the store once, but still create a wildly successful business? 🤔

How can YOU have a biz running for you, with minimal supervision from you, and still make money?


I mean, this biz owner doesn’t earn money by showing up, he earns money through powerful automated marketing systems that automate his business to run 24/7, with or without him present.

Here’s an example of an “automated system” in my business:

#1 – I personally place a tiny little ad on Facebook one time.

#2 – People then click that ad all day long while I’m off doing other things like enjoying participating in a Wounded Warriors charity event today 😀.

#3 – They then submit their email for more info while I’m off doing other things like playing tennis with my friends 💦.

#4 – They watch a video and decide if they’re a good fit to work with me while I’m off doing other things like enjoying a nice dinner with family.

#5 – Then I welcome them to our private community, & they have a coaching call to craft a game plan on how to launch THEIR OWN Laptop Biz ASAP.

And that’s how our businesses run for us, while we can enjoy life.

Quick review…

I place an ad one-time, and it works for me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while I’m off enjoying the things I love most.

That’s marketing power through an automated system. 🏆

That’s leverage at it’s finest.

And that’s how you disconnect time from money.

If you’re vibing with how this can all work for YOU, drop a quick comment with “Show Me” & I’ll welcome you to our Fast Track group for FREE. 👇

The same group that just hit over 300 members in less than a week.

AND after we welcome you to the Group…

…we’ll save you a seat for TONIGHT’S LIVE training webinar.
Monday (6/25) at 8pm EDT/5pm PDT.

This is where all the cool kids will be tonight, and our team’s mentors, Rob Thomas and Nick Policelli will be hosting the live presentation with a Q&A included, to answer your questions…

So comment below with “Show Me” to be added to our group before we close the doors here SOON! 🙌

About 5 hours left…

Don’t wait, comment “Show Me!” right now!

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