Transformational Tuesday webinar in my Home Office


Transformational Tuesday webinar with my business partner Rob Thomas taking place in my office.

🏆I was honored with the presence of Rob and his family at my house for two nights and three days this last week.

Quick backstory: rob and his family sold their home in Colorado, bought a cool RV 🚍and hit the road. Since our businesses online we can work anywhere at any time, so that’s what Rob is doing well traveling the California coast.🌁

Chris Stapleton has done a ton of training for the GAZ community. Every Tuesday he and Landon do a webinar called transformational Tuesday. And that webinar they pull out a couple of members and dissect their Facebook ads.

This last Tuesday Rob ran the webinar from my home office.🖥️

Before the Facebook ad they section took place Chris pulled me out asked me a couple of questions. Chris specifically asked me what attracted me to Rob’s ad, his emails and eventually teaming up with him.

I record the quick snippet for you.

You will learn:

1. Why I decided to partner with my business partner
2. What not to do when promoting anything
3. The long-term benefit of working together

Watch the snippet here:

The full webinar was actually 1 1/2 hours long. We went through two other members Facebook ads and showed them how to scale. It was mind blowing!🤩

if you haven’t watched our full webinar about what we do, then click the link below:

Hey, maybe someday I’ll be in your office recording a webinar!

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