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My Story and Passion

Hello, and thanks for stopping by to learn more about me. I would love to learn more about you as well, so please leave me your links or contact information.

I call myself a serial entrepreneur because I’m always coming up with new ideas or inventions. I currently have a couple of businesses in the making. The internet world is amazing. It can connect you to people or businesses so easily! I have several people from all over the world helping me with various aspects of my online businesses.  I use www.elance.com to find people to help me with my businesses.

Since my husband, Mike, and I like to travel having an online business has created freedom to travel. My home library is filled with books of people I have been inspired by. My online journey started while reading Timothy Ferris’ book, ’The Four Hour Work Week’, Crown Publishers, 2007 . He has set up a very nice lifestyle for himself which I am in the process of emulating. Tim  shows how other people besides himself have created businesses online that sustain themselves and create good services for people all over the world. I highly recommend that you read his book.

It have done the regular 9-5pm job routine all my adult life. I have worked in the restuarant and landscape industries for 25 years. I even had my own landscape business for 5 years.  I love work, and am a very good worker. But after taking Robert Kiyosakis’ course ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ it really struck home how unstable the old work model really is. I know so many people that have been out of work for months, going through interviews, being humiliated, depressed, looking for employment. Some of my friends and family have found decent jobs. Some have not. Then there is the commute when you do find a job. It is not uncommon for employees to spend 3 hrs. commuting a day. In Robert’s book he talks about how important it is to own your own business and be able to control your life. I also enjoyed the book that he and Donald Trump wrote, ‘We Want You to Be Rich’, Random House, 2006. In this book they talk about our government’s huge debt problem and how we are running out of money for social programs such as social secruity. That is why, more than in any other time in history, it is important to be able to write your own check, develop your own income stream. This is really important now for Baby Boomers who are running out of time and money.

At this point I really have to tell you how grateful I am to my husband, Mike for hanging in there with his job. He has laid the groundwork for me to be able to develop my various businesses. Hats off to him!!! Without his hard work and doing the daily commute I would not have the this opportunity as I do now. My goal is to have him be able to retire in the next three years via my businesses.

I have reviewed many online business opportunities in the last few years. I become a member of some of them. The online businesses that I endorse are the ones that offer great telephone or email support, they are ethical and helpful to people and have a great pay structure.  I need to speak to someone to really learn about something. I stumbled across Global Resorts Network about 3 years ago while researching various online businesses.  I took a look at the company (GRN), the level of support they offer and the compensation plan. I liked what I saw, but was still skeptical of the business or any online business, since I was new at this. It took me a few weeks to make up my mind to join GRN, and I’m so glad I did. Since Mike and I love to travel, this is the perfect fit for us to both use and promote. They offer great telephone and email support. There are wonderful resorts to travel to and lots of other discounted services.

Not only have I found a great travel business in GRN, but I also found a great mentor/coach-Christine McIvor.  Three years ago when I first joined, GRN was a MLM. Earlier this year, they stopped being an MLM because they found that coaching people to sell the memberships was not effective. But, I am so glad that I found Christine. She was so patient with me! She has taught me how to build an online business and presence. Being a Baby Boomer, I found it very difficult to do alot of things on the computer. I spent a long time breaking through that barrier and am finally comfortable with anything online.

I learned things like blogging, social networking and marketing, JV strategies, writing books, etc.  It is freedom to manuaver online, let alone creating businesses. Since I just turned 54, the internet was not really part of my generation, and my parents generation still finds it to be a daunting task. It was a bit of a struggle and a huge learning curve, but I am so glad that I made this journey.

I can now pass on to you what I have learned. Please feel free to email me or call me anytime. 1-925-362-8057

Live Well!