Millionaire Mindset

Hey Everyone, I just got back from attending T. Harv Ekers ‘Millionaire Mindset’ course in Santa Clara, CA. What a blast it was! There was alot of high energy, affirmations with a partner, inspiring and enlightening words of wisdom.This is what I learned that I would like to share with you:

1. Don’t believe your mind.

2. Fear of the unknown and the uncomfortable can cost thousands, millions of dollars because our mind tells us not to act.

3. Thoughts-Feelings-Action= Results

4. The difference between the inner world and the outer world is action. Action is the bridge between the two worlds. Money follows action.

5. Hesitation causes pain.

Here are some other ways to generate passive positive cash flow:

Write a book and recieve rolyties
Patent and or sell intellectual property-that could be a song, poem, ideas, screen plays, art work
Make up your own software, patent it and sell it
Become a distributor
Become a licensor of products that others have invented but didn’t get a license for.
Own vending machines
Own parking lots with credit card swipes-I love this one! Low maintenance, low overhead.
Automatic car wash, coin operated
Storage units
ATM machines
Shipping containers
Smart phone aps-thousands are being developed daily
Training videos
Billboards-Ever thought of owning a billboard?
Cell tower- a guy had own built on his property and is recieving $8k per month doing nothing.
Parking meters
Wind power
Network marketing
Online business

These are just a few ideas that could make you millions in passive income! How cool is that. Then you can decide if you want to ‘work’ or not, but at least you can have that choice.

This stuff isn’t taught in schools let alone many households. The previous generations made it a ‘taboo’ to talk about money. Education is the key to wealth!

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