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Online Business Training:

  1. Lifestyle Design Network —

This was put together by Mark Hoverson and Jaden Easton Elliot September 2014. Mark and Jaden specialize in mindset and technical training. Mark teaches you how to brand yourself to be successful.

This educational business system shows you how to market your business online. You are shown videos about the different marketing methods such as PPC, PPV, email marketing, Facebook marketing, social media and so much more. iPas2 is easy and fun to use.

  • Traffic Authortiy —

This system is similiar to iPas2, but focuses more on sending traffic to your business.




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Joint Venutures:

J – Online networking promoting educational products that people have developed which you can sell and receive affiliate commissions.   FREE


Godaddy – Choose a domain name and/or hosting package to promote your business. FREE


Clickbank- An Online Retailer where you can buy or sell products.



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