Social Media Tips

TIP #1.

When working in social media the number one thing is to ADD VALUE. Do not, I repeat, do not just submit your various business links constantly. The rule of thumb is to educate yourself about an aspect of online marketing or whatever you are promoting and write a few lines about it. Or put up a fun photo. Or interview someone. Be creative in making a mark for yourself while adding value to other people’s lives. Make this fun! People are on social media to interact, and are not there to be sold.

TIP #2. If you are trying to get your name out on Facebook, you should post 3x’s per day. Morning, noon and early evening are the best times to post.

TIP #3. People on the average look at their emails and social media between the hours of  4 -7 pm. So adjust your time so you will reach people on either coasts at those times.

TIP #4. Create a group for a common interest. For example, I attend the Dot Com Secret X or DCSX group on Facebook to learn how to market my businesses. Same thing for My Lead System Pro or MLSP. People are helping people in these groups. Groups start online communities. Its a good thing!

TIP #5. Pick one aspect of social media, say Facebook advertising or Twitter promotion series and become a specialist. Focus on one aspect of your social media to be known as the master. That way you can create your own product to promote on other forms of media.



More tips are on their way . . . .


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