A Walk in the Leaves/Facebook Hacks


The Autumn amazes me every year, the color of the leaves seem so much brighter! Maybe it’s because the trees have grown and there are just more leaves.
Since it was a nice day, not sunny, but a semi-warm afternoon-I decided to walk to my Physical Therapy appointment. It’s a 45 minute 2.5 mile one way jaunt. I strapped my day pack on and out the door I went. It was a brisk walk because I didn’t want to be late. I wove my way through empty, but nice, neighborhoods loaded with colorful leaves. I did not stop to take photos, I’d do that on the way back. I arrived exactly on time.
But my appointment was for tomorrow!
So I went and had a nice sushi lunch while watching a Youtube video about Cryptocurrencies. So interesting and it’s really happening. FYI-Start educating yourself now to be ahead of the game.
After a lovely sushi lunch I made my return voyage back through the neighborhoods, taking a slightly different route.
A healthy pair of mallard ducks floated in the creek, quietly quacking to each other. Squirrels chased each other on fences. Geese gaggled as they flew overhead.
Thinking to myself: “I am so glad I finally figured out how to have a kick ass business online”.
* I wake up when I want
* I set my own schedule
* I work 3-6 hrs. days
* I love showing other people how to do it.
*I’m in “time” with myself
*I’m building another business that I have time to work on
*I really like my mentor and associates
*I’ve leaned how to do something ‘once’ and re-appropriate to multiple uses
(Sort of like what they do in the movie, music and book business)
Anyway, enough about that!
You get the idea.
Now for the Facebook hacks part.
Hack: As a Facebook business owner when you do your ads and something isn’t going right you will get a text from Facebook. The best part – you can schedule a 15 call with a Facebook ad specialist to help you optimize your ad. I’ve done it several times.
How cool is that?
I am learning a ton more too.
Tomorrow at 5pm pst I will show you how to optimize your ads. I’ll even throw in a bonus hack that no one is really talking about. (Maybe I shouldn’t either?) (But I will)
Go to my business page to view the LIVE.
Keep enjoying your Autumn colors, they go quickly!
See you tomorrow.

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