Weekend Game Plan . . .


Happy Friday evening!

Whew! 😅

It’s like getting to the finish line for most of us. You may leave work a tad early or knock off from your own business a little early. It feels great.🏃‍♀️
(Weekend Game plan at the end of this post)

You will have two days of fun things mixed with doing errands, seeing friends and family, etc.

Then the dreaded Sunday evening comes and you feel that pit in your stomach because you know you have to get up early to your alarm, do the morning routine and get back into the car to commute to a job you really don’t like.😤

Even though you tell people it’s the ‘best job ever’, it’s still a job and it’s not going to give you the freedom you desire.

And that’s why you found me.🤗

You opted into one of my webinars hosted by Chris and Landon because something resonated with you about working from your laptop or iphone. (Or you liked my Facebook page)

If you haven’t watched their webinar, click here:


They are down-to-earth-guys with excellent credibility and knowledge. They seem wiser than their age. (I could be their mother).

In the webinar you will learn:

Why most people fail online

How to be your best self(while making the income you desire)

How to attract ‘like minds’ and succeed together

Watch the webinar again by clicking here:


If this is resonating with you and you feel like this is a good fit then click here to sign up:


If this just isn’t your thing, no worries. No judgement. Everyone has to do things in their own time.

I respect that.

But if this resonates with you, I’m soooooo excited for you because you have turned a corner in making your life better.

Now for the weekend game plan. (For serious online people only)

Saturday to do list:

1. Sign up for a Facebook account. If you already have one, then set up a Facebook fan page. Our GAZ training shows you how to do that.

2. Sign up for a Get Response or Awber autoresponder system. This way you will stay in touch with your clients, give them valuable information, and potentially make a sale.

3. Write down your first 10 goals that you have in as much detail as possible. Then post your goals in front of your mirror or computer where you will see them several times a day.

4. Post a fun picture of what you are doing this weekend (or what you did last night). This way you will attract like minded individuals, possibly make some friends or even help someone out.

5. Get a copy of A Happy Pocket Full of Money, by David Cameron Gikandi. This book shows you how the world really works using quantum physics and the natural laws of the universe. It’s absolutely extraordinary. I’m half way through it and it’s already changed my life. Enjoy!

Sunday to do list:

1. Write down the 10 things you are most grateful for. Start your sentence with this: I am truly grateful for . . . because . . . .
2. Read reviews about A Happy Pocket Full of Money while you wait for it to arrive.

3. Review your list of 10 goals. As you review each one, after you read it say either out loud or in your head, thank you, thank you, thank you.

4. Do an informative post about what you read about your new book.

5. Join or re-watch Chris and Landon’s webinar by clicking here: https://gazlivewebinar.com/?a=1218926001

If you feel like this is a good fit then click here to sign up:


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