Why? Why do you want a successful online business in the first place?
I’ll tell you one thing – -Your “Why?” needs to be bigger than you are to succeed with online business.
One of my Why’s is the picture above of me hiking in Chamonix, France. I want to do a lot more of that throughout the world! My online business will do that for me.
Another Why is to have plenty of money in case I couldn’t work online again, God Forbid! Case in point:
*********When I was 22 years old I suffered from a stroke which paralyzed my left side of my body for 6 months.****************That was a huge shock at such a young age. It was a freak thing that happened after a blood clot formed and went to my brain. Thank goodness it dissolved eventually and I made a 98% recovery. I was working on a large private estate as a cook and a gardener at the time. I couldn’t return back to work for 6 months. This was in 1981 way before the internet. Luckily my new husband at the time could provide for me.***************
At any rate—this thing could happen to anyone of us at any time. So now is the time to be prepared. What I like about the online business format is that you can have your ads, your autoresponder messages and product going out like clockwork. And helping people with whatever service you are promoting.
How to get started you might ask. Who can I trust online?
I will give you a list in a couple of days of highly successful, tried and tested online businesses. The key ingredient of a highly successful online business is three things:
1. A proven track record showing success.
2. A step by step process showing you what to do to achieve your online business goals.
3. A mentor who you can Skype or speak to on the phone as much as you need to be successful.
I know from first hand experience that you need to have DRIVE to get through some of the confusing tech issues and online language barrier.
Then, running a successful online business is a piece of cake!
(As long as you are consistent)
Success and happiness is contagious!
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