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I just completed my first Million Dollar Day! You may be asking “What does she mean?” Well, a Million Dollar Day does not always have to be a financial destination. It can also be a state of mind or health. Have you ever thought, “Gosh, I need to clean out my closet, and the garage, and the junk drawer” ? Or, “I need to clean up my iphone, get rid of all those apps that I don’t use; I also need to call my Aunt to let her know I’m thinking of her”.  All these things that we have procrastinated actually takes up energy and ‘psychic’ space in our brains. Remember the time when you DID clean out that drawer or closet? Didn’t it feel light a huge weight had been lifted off your shoulders?  It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? I just got done doing that in a massive less than 24 hrs. ago. The feeling is a transformation of health, renewed energy and looking forward to goals that have been put by the wayside.

As a member of the Internet Lifestyle Network, doing the Million Dollar Day is a requirement. And rightly so! The C0-founders, Mark and Vincent, have re-arranged the University to have this be THE first thing you do when you join the company. This is about changing your life to be what YOU want it to be. We all have put little and big things off to do for sometime in the future. That future turns into months or years. Every time you walk past that broken lamp, you think “I’ve got to fix that”. How many times have you walked past that lamp? Thought that thought? When you put things off like that, it ends up taking up valuable Real Estate in your mind and psyche. It becomes a burden, heavy and it weighs you down. Your list might be five or fifty  items. You become less effective when you are so burdened. Mark Hoverson’s intention with the Million Dollar Day is to relieve you of that burden and open up your energy so you can be more productive in your life. Without that burden of putting things off, you will have the energy, the focus and passion to do things you have always wanted to do. I also learned that I didn’t have to run around frantically doing all these items. My list of tasks got done in a methodical, steady pace. No freaking out, or crying or panicking. Just slow, steady pace won the race. Just like the turtle.

After your Million Dollar Day you will have the confidence and determination to create that Million Dollar Idea or Product. So get to it! I’ll be your sponsor help you through it.

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