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Funnel Cake


A funnel system? What the heck is that? Is it a funnel cake? Funnel for putting gas in your car? No to all of the above.

A funnel is the digital process of obtaining customers and moving them through a series of videos educating them about your product or service. As with any form of advertising there is a sequence of events which captures the potential customer’s attention, generates interests and ultimately a sale (or many).


For television we have outrageous commercials that are funny, scary or ridiculous to keep the viewer engaged. For the internet we have attractive ppc or Facebook ads that inspires the potential customer to click on, then a video or text appears showing a solution to the viewers problem. If they enter their name and email they can get information on how to solve the problem usually for FREE. That is a funnel.

Once a person enters his or her name in the “Capture” page, also called a “Squeeze” page, that person is on the advertisers email list and will continue to receive up sales from the original product line. There are a few ways to learn how to do a proper funnel.


In the olden days (just a year ago in the internet world) to put together a funnel meant buying Leadpages and connecting it to Aweber. Then you would have to go to Youtube to learn how to hook them up. I tried Leadpages and a year ago it wasn’t very clear how you start a funnel. Vince Reed, on the other hand, offers a very good leadpage/funnel system with his MITS course. I still wasn’t comfortable with his system, because it too was a bit disjointed.

But that’s me, I admit I’m a slow technology learner and I know I’m not alone.

There is one guy that I’ve been following and really enjoy working with his funnel system. Russel Brunson has put together a great funnel system that I can go through without too much difficulty. If I have questions, I ask his support team, send a screen shot and I get a response back within 12-24 hrs. I love it!

He offers a free 14 day trial so you can try the system.

Russel’s system is called Clickfunnels and I highly recommend it. Try it! You’ve got nothing to loose except a ton of paying customers.

Here is the link to get you started: Salesfunnels-thatwork.com

There is so much in Russel’s program that you can use such as:

1. building your own membership site

2. Setting up your own affiliate program

3. Endless funnels you can use for your own products.

It’s really pretty amazing.

Remember, it you have read this far you probably know more than 95% of the population about internet marketing or you WILL know soon.

So get started today by clicking this link: Salesfunnels-thatwork.com

You won’t know until you try!

Have fun with it and let me know how it’s going for you.


To Your Success,




P.S. Check out the FREE 14 day trial!




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