Discover the One Tweak that triples your revenue

Want to discover the ONE TWEAK that tripled Landon and Chris’s revenue over night since they started implementing it?

This THURSDAY NIGHT (August 17th) 8pm EST – Landon and Chris will be hosting a public training webinar revealing our little secret that very few people are teaching right now…

Register here:

THURSDAY NIGHT (August 17th) 8pm EST:…/7124097960407016194

You see – most network marketing reps and home business owners present their sales material and then ask DIRECTLY FOR THE SALE immediately afterward…

And they usually don’t get the sale and wonder why?

They’re leaving LOTS of money on the table every time they do it. Especially with High Ticket Products over $1,000…

Here’s why: Even though the “goal” is to receive money in exchange for value, and collect the sale…most people won’t buy on the spot…even though they may want to.

Most people don’t buy because they fear the unknown.

Landon and Chris have discovered a engaging buying-process you can squeeze in between your sales material and the purchasing decision…that can instantly triple your revenue overnight if applied correctly…

(It’s something that I have been using for over a year.)

…and that’s a simplified FREE application you ask your potential clients to submit before they purchase from you.

This application process allows them to relax, get more information, get clarity on their next steps…and THEN make a much more educated buying decision during the process…which drastically increases sales over time.

On Thursday night’s webinar training – see how Landon and Chris show everybody EXACTLY how to implement this unique application process into your business fast so you can start getting results right away.

It’s super effective and efficient, I personally love it.

They will show you exactly how THEY use it.
They will show you Their specific questions.
They will explain how you should structure your app.
They will show you what happens AFTER your customers apply to buy.
And how to collect the sale.

They won’t leave anything out.

This training will be very practical and applicable to anybody who’s looking to attract more high quality clients and buyers into their world.

Register here THURSDAY NIGHT (August 17th) 8pm EST:…/7124097960407016194

FYI-Your confirmation email will show Mark Hoverson as the sender because Landon and Chris are using his Go to Webinar account for this webinar.

It’ll be a fast high impact 30 minute training so be ready to take notes!


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