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There are hundreds of ways to increase traffic to your website. In this article I will show you a few ways that can go a long way in helping you increase the number of visitors that your website receives. Lets face it, no matter what type of website it is you are running, one of the most important things you have to do is to get as much traffic to the website as possible. Even if you do not wish to make money and the website is just a hobby, you still want people to get your message. The only way you can do that is by trying to get more qualified traffic to your website. The second fact is that getting such traffic on your own is not an easy task and this is where the services of a specialized company can increase traffic website. But, I will show you what I am doing and how it is working to drive my blog from the abyss to 5 million in 2 weeks.

So what exactly can you do to increase traffic website ? And how can you drive more qualified/targeted website traffic to your own site? I shall show you two ways to increase traffic website. One is to use an outsourced service and the other is to do it yourself. It is important to closely examine some examples of the kind of services that are normally provided by such outsourced companies and how these specific services will enable you to get more traffic.

The following are two of the most effective ways to increase traffic website:

Search engine optimization is the first, and perhaps the most significant, of the services that you can expect from a great increase traffic website is search engine optimization, SEO in short. Basically, this refers to a set of tools and methods that are used to increase the rankings of your website for particular keywords in the search results of popular search engines. I have used to find SEO specialists to do this for me. Most of them are from India and do a great job. If you go this route, hire a legitimate company that has employees and is rated highly. Google their name and see what comes up. If you like what you see, try them out. You get alot more done for alot less cost.

Here is a simple illustration of how SEO can help you get more qualified website traffic; when someone is looking for a particular product or commodity, the first thing they almost always do is to look up that commodity using a search engine such as Google. The ‘keywords’ or search terms that people use to find the product or commodity is key. It is the keywords that you put into Google or Bing that will help you narrow down your targeted auidence. From the results that they get, they choose a website and proceed to check it out. In almost all cases, they will only visit the websites that are at the top of the search results. From this illustration, it should be clear how SEO can help you get more traffic and a great increase traffic website should be able to provide you with the same.The second way to increase traffic website is to write articles, put up banners or splash pages. I will focus on article development below.

Content development and back linking; every good increase traffic website will tell you that the importance of content in driving qualified website traffic to your site cannot really be over emphasized. People will only visit the websites that they think or believe will be useful to them. The best way to increase the content in your website is by writing relevant articles, using the keywords that you think your targeted auidence is searching for. I use to find and rate the keywords that I will be using for my artilces. Jaaxy is one of the best keyword tools available and it is FREE! You simply type in your subject and Jaaxy will search the web for those words, then it will give you colored lights-red, yellow and green to rate them. The red light means that alot of people are searching for that keyword and you may want to choose another. The yellow light means that you may have a chance of being found, but you have competition. The green light is ‘low hanging fruit’ meaning you have traffic and an auidence.You can do this on your own, and only takes about 5 minutes to find your keyword. Hint: My keywords for this article is-increase traffic website. Once you have found your keyword go to to hire a writer for $ 3- $6 per article. Fill out the general information with the keyword and an article will be written for within 48 hrs. You can approve or disapprove the article, then have it re-written if necessary. The most important thing is to provide value. By providing value, you gain credibility and recoginition. This will greatly increase traffic website and can help you get qualified traffic in a short time. In addition, the articles can be submitted to popular article directories and posted there with back links leading back to your website. Use sites such as:, TribePro or Socialadr to auto syndicate your article. I also use to have link wheels and pyramids made to further the SEO of my article. is a great device to use in which you pay $5 for someone to do this for you. Upon choosing someone to do this, make sure you check out their history and ratings. In this way you will get more increase traffic website since people visiting the article directories and other sites with your back links will be enticed to follow the same. Last tip: Get SEO Pressor from Daniel Tan for your blog. SEO pressor will help you do the necessary things to get you ranked high on Google. It really works! Go to this link to find out more- This will help you do the right things to get your blog highly optimized.

Good luck and have fun with this!


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