One Task at a Time

I have made the rookie online mistake of trying to set up too many online systems at a time, too many times. This is crazy. I just end up frustrated, tired and broke. This online baby is growing up. No more nonesense like setting up my Facebook Fan page halfway, stopping and then going to set up MLSP halfway, then going to set up Laser URL, etc. I have commited to doing one thing at a time. No more ‘kid in the candy store’ lack of focus.

These guidelines will be of help:

1. Set up the system (Example: Facebook Fan page)that you will be able to do within your timeframe – now. Stick with it for 1 -2 hours. Take a break. Come back and finish it.
2. If that system takes many hours or weeks to complete(Example:My Lead System Pro), set aside a daily time to complete a portion of it. Write this down in your organizer. Stick to it.
3. Call the customer support center for additional help. Aweber has great customer support. When trying to understand how a system works, sometimes it is better to have a live person walk you through it.
4. Develop tunnel vision for your task. Focus and do one thing at a time. Seems simple, but there is alot of candy online!!

Enjoy the fruits of your labor!!!

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