People Buy You, Not Your Product

“How Can People Know, Like and Trust You?”
Most network marketers don’t grasp the fact that
people buy them, not their business opportunity.
Of course the business opportunity you promote
should offer products and commissions that
support your goals, however, ultimately, when
people join an opportunity with you, they
are really buying you.
People want to do business with those they know,
like and trust AND who feel are leaders.
All that said, how does a brand new home based
business owner accomplish these two things?
This ezine discusses how to establish the
“know, like and trust” part.  I’ll talk about
the leadership part next week. 
A good start would be by developing your own
website personally branded to you, not your
This is one reason company replicated
websites just don’t cut it.  By allowing visitors
to your website to see you, you will be on your
way to being the front runner to your opportunity.
Your website may have a video welcoming your
prospects and perhaps another one or two
offering value.  People will be given a chance
to see you, learn a little bit about you and
connect to you.
This is what I mean by personally branding
your website.  You’re branding YOU, Inc., not
your business opportunity.  The idea is when
people think about going into business, they
will think of you, your face, your value,
your name.  You become an online friend.
There are several ways you can connect with your
prospects using your personal branding.  It’s not
just you putting yourself on your website. 
How about making your appearance here?
“MyStory” marketing
Squidoo Lenses
Hub Pages
Conference calls
Surrounding these marketing strategies, you want
to be your authentic self.  Many new business
owners seem to think they have to be someone they
are not in order to be successful. 
You want to provide your prospects with good
valuable information about business, tell your
story, share your values and ethics and demonstrate
your leadership qualities by teaching and giving.
This is also called attraction marketing.

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