Outsourcing Online Tasks

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their great comments and insights about this blog. Your are my driving force!

If you are like me, I have several projects going on at the same time. Sometimes I feel like an octopus! I spent my first online years trying to learn and do everything to no avail. Yes, I learned alot, but was always confused and overwhelmed.

Thank goodness I read Tim Feriss’ book, ‘The Four Hour Work Week’. The reason why he was able to whittle his 60+ hr/week to 4 hr/week was because he knew which things to outsource. I have learned to hand over control of  some parts of my business to others. I have had great success with the company, Replacemyself.com. BTW-I only suggest things that I know about or use.  This is why I have the Replacemyself.com icon at the top of my blog. I have been using a VA(virtual assistant) that I got from Replacemyself.com for over 4 months. Cost: $2.00/hr.  My VA helps me manage my social media accounts, looks for interesting articles for me to learn from and schedules meetings for me. And he is in the Philippines. Mind you, I interviewed 12 Philippinos, hired 4(short term trial), then keep 1. Is it worth the effort? Absolutely. The wonderful Philippino people are very motivated, family orientated, tech savy and religious. They hold Americans in very high regard. They treat you with respect.

There are other online companies to hire help for your business. I also use www.Elance.com . Cost: $6 – $15 / hr. Elance sends you employees or private contactors from all over the globe. You can hire within a particular counrty if you prefer. Other sources are: www.onlinebusinessmanager.com , www.yourvirtualresource.com or (a new one I just heard of) www.yourvas.com (for the housing market).There are many other companies out there, but I haven’t worked with them yet.

Give yourself peace of mind and start outsourcing.

 I love to put part of my business life on autopilot!

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