Job vs. Jobless




We’re updating our kitchen so most of our cooking is on the grill or microwave. It’s sort of like camping! Kind of fun!

Going through the process of scheduling contractors and working with designers has brought to light the transitory life of being employed.

My designer got fired.

One contractor quit.

And our granite lady walked away from her job last Friday.

I’m feeling so grateful for being able to work online and call my own shots. It takes discipline, drive and time to build a business online.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely, without a doubt.

I ‘ve meet some great people who are doing the same thing and are also loving it.

Talk about having your own autonomy!


According to statistics 80% of people don’t like their jobs. We were all trained to get good grades so you can get a good job.

That paradigm is quickly slipping away as technology allows us to work from anywhere at anytime.

But, you have to be accountable.

You can’t blame anyone for anything.

Take back your power. Get online, start learning and earning.

Are you ready!

Then type “Yes” below this post.

You’re not alone, you will have tons of support and guidance along the way.

Welcome to the new world!


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