No Excuses II – More Notes

I thought the women that presented their wisdom onstage were amazaing. One that I really liked with Jackie Ulmer. Her main focus is social media. She spends most of her time on social media during her working hours. She said to:

1. Do blog posts-your blog is the hub of your business.

2. Do status updates- let people know what you are doing.

3. Do video marketing- check out what the big corporations are doing with their clips; IMB, Pepsi, Ford, etc. They spend the big bucks for attraction marketing. Copy them.

4. Call people you find on Facebook just to connect. Thats it. No sales calls.

Ray Higdon was one of the first speakers I saw. Then I went to the breakout room for more info on his latest insights. Heres a clip.

His advice:

1. Do bandit signs to advertise your business(he used to be in real estate)
2. Ask people,”What has recently changed in your life so that you are open to a home based business?”
3. Start networking with your local Chamber of Commerece(the old fashioned approach still works)

More posts will be here tomorrow!

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