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Social Media Made Easy with 10 Simple Steps

Jan 9, 2008 by Chris Winfield | Social Networks

Over the holidays I spoke to lots of different people who told me that they want to get more involved in social media in 2008. My first question to them was always: Why? Do you want to get involved because it seems like it’s THE hot thing right now? Or do you want to help your company or clients grow? You need to have goals in mind and focus on the end result in order to be successful.

Social media can be very complex and involved but it can also be broken down into very simple and actionable steps. These steps can have an immediate impact on your businesses bottom line. And that’s what it’s all about.

10 Simple Steps To Social Media Success In 2008

I covered this subject in my monthly column for Search Engine Land with an article called 10 Simple Steps To Social Media Success In 2008. I broke down 10 steps that you can take to increase your chances at social media success. These steps are easy and best of all – they don’t take a lot of time to accomplish.

  1. Connect
  2. Master a Forum
  3. Cut Down & Move Up
  4. Meet a Digger a Day
  5. Get Universal
  6. Think Globally
  7. Focus
  8. Answer
  9. Join the Conversation
  10. Year in Reviews

For the full explanation of these 10 steps head over to Search Engine Land and check out how embrace this holistic approach to social media marketing and spend less than five hours per week doing it.

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