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 Attention:  Online Marketers, Small Business Owners, Large Corporations

Facebook Tips for Business
“Discover TEN Strategic Ways You Can Start
Driving Traffic Instantly to Your BusinessToday!”

“My business has exploded since I started marketing on Facebook. I am ready to share 
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Christine McIvor

Here are a few Facebook statistics that you need to know about!

 Facebook has more than 350 million active users
 50% of the users log on to Facebook in any given day
 More than 700,000 local businesses are activeon Facebook

These statistics are listed directly on Facebook’s Home Page. Please visit http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics

Facebook Is NOT A Fad… It’s become a new revolution in the way we do business! 

Right now is the time to get involved if you have not already done so.

Here’s What You Will Learn Today!

 A Six Minute Overview on Getting Around Facebook’s New Design
 How to Gather Leads from Your Facebook Profile or Fan Page How to Get Leaders to Respond to Your Emails
 Directing your Prospect to Where You Want them to Go
 How to Organize Your Prospects into Lists
 The “Secret” to Building your Lists for Optimization 
 How to Advertise for free on selected Facebook Walls

This report is jammed packed with an easy to follow format giving you powerful step-by-step techniques and strategies that you can immediately put into action!

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“Wow, Christine! I was blown away by the content on your call today. I got more from this call than from another “expert” in the field and I had to pay a LOT more for theirs! Thanks so much – you are a wealth of knowledge in this overwhelming arena!” ~ Patricia Selmo

“Christine – Great FB info class today! I learned more “little tips” on FB in your 1-hour session that will help me move my business forward than I have learned in the last year of being on FB. Thanks so much!
~ Phil Dyer

“Hi Christine, Wow, what an incredible training call! I’m so glad I attended. Could not write fast enough. You gave many valuable tips on monetizing FB. Thanks so much for your generosity and I’ll be happy to do anything that helps you get to the top of Google where I will join you soon! Great Stuff!”  ~ Lynn Moore

“Hi Christine, Wow, wow, wow! Thank you so much for the great training webinar! You shared some amazing tips, and I can’t wait to grow my friends list and start some groups! Thanks you.”  ~ Melody Park Shin

“Hi Christine: Thanks for a great webinar on marketing with Facebook. I found it to be so helpful and informative! I really like how a person can form groups and then email to that specific group a specific message. Thanks again!”  ~ Kristi Carter

“Thanks so much for all of the great content for “timeshare travel discounts”. Your teaching on Facebook was extremely helpful. I felt like a fish out of water until I watched your dim dim presentation. Now I am a baby guppie, but learning and growing.”  ~ Margie Dunn

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