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Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is a holiday deserving of a big bash. There are so many themes and types of Halloween parties to choose from. Whether your Halloween party will be filled with Halloween treats for the kids and family, or mixing up Halloween cocktails for the adults and friends, we have all the Halloween party ideas you need to make your jack-o-lanterns scarier, your treats sweeter and your home Halloween party-friendly.

Make it a Halloween to remember with great decorations, ghoulish poems and songs, and Halloween treat and food ideas.

Easy Halloween Cupcakes

Whether you’re hosting an adult Halloween party or looking for a Halloween treat to pass out at school to celebrate, cupcakes are always guaranteed to be a hit. We made these easy Halloween cupcakes to help our friends get pumped for Halloween.

Candy Corn Halloween Cupcakes

Easy Sprinkled Halloween Cupcakes

R.I.P Halloween Cupcakes

No Sew Halloween Costumes

Looking for some no sew ideas that will take hardly any time and are budget-friendly too? Here are a few Halloween costume ideas that will take little more than a few costume props, pins, cardboard, etc. that look very creative for Halloween this year.

Easy No Sew Halloween Costume Ideas

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

The Halloween spirit can hit you at any time. But if you’ve been moved to go out for tricks and treats at the last minute, a clever costume may be hard to find. Never fear, we have some quick and easy costumes that you can put together with items from home to help you look your best on Halloween.

10 Quick and Easy Costumes

Go For A Concept Costume and Get a Laugh!

Budget-Friendly Halloween Recipes and Tips from Shawn Rabideau

Skip the usual orange and black color scheme this Halloween and opt for something a little different. Red is a bold, chic choice that not only packs a big visual punch, but also allows you to recycle staple decorations from Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Fourth of July to keep costs down.

Once you have the decorations down, don’t forget the creepy cocktails for both kids and adults or your Halloween party foods! Read on for all the tips, recipes and more!

Behind-the-Scenes at TV Land’s “Best Night In”

Vampire Kiss Halloween Cocktail

Witch’s Brew Mocktail

Shawn’s Easy Halloween Party Menu

Vampire-Inspired Halloween Decor on a Budget

Halloween Party Food

Creepy, kooky, mysterious and ooky! Serve guests a big brain, eyeballs and worms at your Halloween party. Of course, we’re suggesting fun food that looks like body parts and creatures…did we mention Witches’ Fingers and Orange Pepper Jack-O-Lanterns filled with Black & Green Olive Tapenade.

Read on, if you dare, to find 10 devilishly delicious party food recipes and ideas for Fright Night.

Eerie and Easy: Worms in Dirt Pudding

Eerie and Easy: Jack-O-Lantern Face Pizza

Gruesome Gourmet: Witch Finger Cookies

Eerie and Easy: Witch Hat Cookies

Gruesome Gourmet: Brain Dip

Gruesome Gourmet: Spider Web Design on a Triple Layer Guacamole, Egg and Cream Cheese Torte

Gruesome Gourmet: Hard-Boiled Egg Eyeballs

Gruesome Gourmet: Black & Green Olive Tapenade in Orange Pepper Jack-O-Lantern

Eerie and Easy: Pumpkin-Shaped Food

Halloween Drinking Games

Drinking games can be played to encourage cocktail conversation without the “take a sip when you lose” rule or as icebreakers to get guests in the party mood.

You’ll recognize some of these games as old favorites with a gruesome twist for Halloween.

Monster Mash (a.k.a. Bizz Buzz)

Name That Bone!

Horror Movie Trivia

Which Dead Celebrity Am I?

Mad Scientist Bar for Halloween

Create a frightful focal point of your Halloween Party with my signature Halloween WOW table – The Mad Scientist Bar. Use everyday items, beverages and foods, along with some Hollywood-style special effects to create a laboratory entertaining space. Make creepy concoctions and fiendish “finger foods” that will surely be a scream at any Halloween party!

Expert Mad Scientist Bar Tips

Mad Scientist Bar for Halloween

Halloween Cocktails and Gory Garnishes

Nothing shrieks “Halloweeeeeen” like cocktails with creepy, crawly garnishes.

Entice friends at your Halloween Party with Chocolate Tarantulatinis, Frozen Strawberry Spider Bites, or potions they mix themselves at a Mad Lab Cocktail Bar where edible eyeballs and mini body parts are the garnishes of choice.

You’re sure to liven up the crowd, even the zombies, with these festive Halloween Treats!

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