Lots of Changes on Facebook

As you may know there are alot of changes on Facebook. One of them Is Facebook EdgeRank. A question you may ask yourself : Is this change defeating your Fanpage Efforts?

Back in the day when you posted a status update on your Facebook Fanpage your fans saw it in their news feed. Yes, it was that easy. Now…sorry to say for many Facebook Fan page owners we now must compete and over come the Facebook EdgeRank formula.

Why should a person with a Facebook Fan page care about the Facebook EdgeRank?

Because if you are looking to interact and engage with your fans, most likely they are not even seeing your status updates. Yep, bummer…..

Facebook takes all the stories and they find the story with the highest Facebook EdgeRank score and guess what? If your story is ranked high through the Facebook EdgeRank process it will show up in your fan’s news feed. Then Facebook will look for the next highest EdgeRank and show that story and so on. Awesome for those who can rank high on their status updates but bad news for those who rank low because now their posts will not be shown to their fans.

Hmmmm….So, you have 2376 friends on Facebook but you are only seeing about 50 of them showing up in your news feed. No, those friends that you don’t see didn’t stop posting and chances are they are posting, but you aren’t seeing it. Why? Two words Facebook EdgeRank.

For businesses who own a Facebook fan page you might find that the Facebook EdgeRank is holding you back.

Let’s Define Facebook EdgeRank

If you don’t know what EdgeRank is then you better listen up if you plan of getting exposure to your Facebook Fan page. Put in simple terms, Facebook EdgeRank are “objects” which are status updates, like links, photos, videos, or anything else that you can share on Facebook.

When you or someone else creates a status update they are creating what Facebook calls an “Edge”.

Every “object” receives a Facebook ranking, aka Facebook EdgeRank, which determines if it will show in your personal news feed. So, if you are a business, you will WANT your “objects” to have a high Facebook EdgeRank, if you want the “object” to appear in your fan’s “Top News” feed. The bad news…”objects” with a lowFacebook EdgeRank will not.

An object’s Facebook EdgeRank is based on three factors:
■affinity or the relationship between the creator and user
■interaction with the object (likes, comments, etc.)

Facebook creates a formula with those three factors above (which Facebook only knows the formula) and that is how Facebook EdgeRank is created.

Every “object” is scored based on the individual.

Explain the 3 Factors of Facebook EdgeRank, PLEASE

#1 Affinity Score

Basically an update or the “object” that is posted is given an affinity score, which is based on the interactions you have with the friend or fan who published the “object”. So, if you interact more with a Facebook Fan page or a friend more often than say Mrs. X (your other friend) then you will receive a higher affinity score with that person. Each time you visit a fan page, click the “Like” button, comment on a user’s status or look at a picture, you increase the affinity score you have with that “user”.

Let me make a point here, you can’t increase the affinity score of your own posts by just interacting more with someone that you want to see your posts showing up more on their news feed. Though it will increase the likelihood of you seeing their posts more often, but it won’t be increasing your posts to their news feed. It’s a one way street basically.

#2 Level of Interaction

Each interaction is weighted differently on Facebook. The higher the engagement the higher the score. For example just “liking” a post won’t create a higher level of interaction as commenting on the post would. Commenting requires a higher level of engagement therefore, Facebook will consider that a higher level interaction and the likely hood of you seeing more updates from that particular person is higher due to the Facebook EdgeRank score.

#3 Time

Yesterday’s news is just that yesterday’s news and who wants to read that? We want fresh news! Therefore, newer objects are weighed more heavily than older ones which gives that person’s “object” a better chance of showing up in the news feed.

It’s important to understand these 3 elements if you want to improve the likelihood of your business “objects” from your Facebook Fan page showing up on your fan’s news feed.

How to improve your Facebook EdgeRank

#1: Post Objects That Encourage Interaction

You want to post objects that will encourage interaction through comments. Just simply saying, “I’m tired” does not encourage interaction but, saying “Who else has had an exhausting week and tell me why?” creates a “buzz” to answer and engage with that “object”.

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