Falling Forward with Online Marketing

Fast Start Action Guide

Note to GRN Affiliate:
Any place you see RED, this is where you put
Your affiliate links.

This is a step-by-step action plan for you
to create a 6 & 7 figure income
with Global Resorts

This entire multi-page resource website was written by Kristi Carter and is copyrighted 2012.

It is entirely possible to create the lifestyle of your dreams. You are about to discover an action plan that is proven to create a several six-figure income in Global Resorts. I have outlined what it really takes to become a leading online marketer. The dream of living completely debt-free, with no boss, and a steady 5-figure weekly income are possible if, thats a big IF, you follow the directions below. To become an successful online you have to be focused, driven and tenacious. No matter how hard it gets, don’t give up! Keep going, because you are about to strike gold on the internet.

Be sure to read EVERY word of these instructions. I will provide you with 1-on-1 coaching that you need to help stay focused and to prevent you from procrastinating.

Although the website you’re going to make may be daunting to complete in one sitting, you should be able to charge through it over the course of 7-14 days. Again, realize you are never alone and reach out to the live help as much as possible. Also, much of the information and language you are about to encounter will be over your head. Don’t worry about it for now. Just like the best way to learn Spanish is to live in Mexico for a summer or two, the best way to learn internet marketing is to completely immerse yourself with the language and you will naturally grow into it.

We are talking about building a financial empire that your children’s children will benefit from, do not take this stuff lightly.  This is your freedom ticket, if you are willing.


If you have any questions about what to expect after you have filled out your application and submitted payment, CLICK HERE.

Action Step 1 (15 min.)

Secure your My Lead System Pro account
(optional but recommended – $97/mo)

 This  marketing system sends offers to your leads outside of the Global membership and helps  drive traffic to you and multiple affiliate offers. It helps create your ‘List’.

It is an automated system that I am using  with my Global Resorts Network Business for both the marketing training and getting high quality traffic. This is optional. If you want to utilize another automation software, feel free, but I have found this to be the best on the net.  This is the ONLY automated system that has sustained the test of time and continues to not only thrive but pushes entrepreneurs to the top of their game.

The MLSP system includes training, the use of the websites and product, daily wake up calls, support and tons of other tools to create your empire online. In addition to the live and recorded internet marketing training, tracking, amd social media training, you will have access to live events. The MLSP owners hold, ‘Live the Dream’ conference in Las Vegas each Spring. Its a great place to see what other marketers are doing as well as networking with like minds.

To secure your My Lead System Pro,  CLICK HERE

After you’re a member, you can  set up your system and watch the EXACT selling strategy our team has used to generate millions in Global and other products.

Once you secure your My Lead System Pro site, login.
Go to “Account” tab.
Scroll to “Start Here”
Follow the course in setting up your system. Norbert and others have videos that walk you through step by step on how to set up your profile and marketing system.

Action Step 2 (5 min.)

Join Mark Hoverson’s coaching club for GRNer’s. He has marketing materials, live coaching calls, support and tons of other helpful tools to promote GRN. Sign up here:  www.HoversonCoachingClub.com.  Please check with your sponsor FIRST and join under THEIR affiliate link if that’s an option.) 

Join Mark Hoverson’s Coaching Club
(optional but recommended $197/mo)


Mark gets to the point on all trainings. This isn’t 3rd grade cheerleading, rah, rah stuff. You get to see inside his mind and thoughts as he coaches you to becoming a 7 figure earner. All paid members receive 2 FREE tickets to our Global team events which Mark hosts 4 times year. This is a clip from one of our events.


After you secure your site, you will want to see when the next event is and plan to attend. Every leader, before they are leaders, get to live events.


  • Highly effective PPC course by Mark and Jonathan Budd that 2,000 people paid $500 for.  FREE
  • Graphics package for your product. FREE
  • Two tickets to Mark’s events.  FREE





Action Step 3 (15-30 min.)

Buy a Couple of Domain Names

A domain name is your website address. You will want to get a couple. Domain names run about $10 each per year plus your hosting. I use www.GoDaddy.com and have the deluxe hosting plan.  Call GoDaddy and ask them your best option.

1) One for your Global Resorts website that you will be building.
(example: www.PutYourGRNDomainName.com) <—– This is my personally branded website for Global Resorts (NOTE: Global Resorts Network policy is that you CANNOT use the 3 words together, “global resorts network”. You can however, use global resorts or grn or something like that.

2) One for your CARBON COPY PRO system (if you’re using it) that you can forward your affiliate link to. I purchased the domain name www.PutYourDomainName.com.  If you decide to do any PPC advertising, it will be in your best interest to pay $50 and have CCP set you up on their system so Google sees you have your own domain name.  Log into your back office and fill out the form for that.  They will need your domain name and login information to access your account.

3) Yourname.com. This will be your blog. (example: www.PutYourName.com) <—- This is my blog. We will be using this later but because people are buying up their names so quickly these days, I’d like for you to reserve yours.


Action Step 4 (15 min.)

Secure Your Autoresponder

Sign up for your Aweber Autoresponder HERE. (Hyperlink YOUR affiliate link)

Aweber is an internet based program that allows you to capture names and emails of your prospects and it’s what does all the follow up to stay in touch with your list.  It’s one of the most important pieces to your internet puzzle. The overall power of your business will be found in the size of your customer/lead  list(s). We will teach you how to grow your list very soon. For now, the important thing is to just get your autoresponder set up.

After you get your account, log in and watch these 2 short videos.

Click on “support”
Click on “video tutorials”
Watch “getting started with setting up your email campaign”
Watch “how to add a web form to your optin page”

Please note, Aweber has extraordinary 1-on-1 customer service. They also have video tutorials under “support” that will teach you exactly how to do a number a clever things. I routinely call them directly with questions once or twice a month. DO NOT call me with technical questions about Aweber. If you have questions, call their customer support direct at 1-888-238-4279 or (international 1-215-825-2196). They can help you quicker and easier than I can.


Action Step 5 (couple days)

Build Your Personally Branded Website

Dan Razumuff is a GRN Affiliate and entrepreneur who graciously has offered to pay it forward to some of us more technically challenged individuals.  He has offered his help to assist you with your website using Blinkweb.  Here’s his website for this.   www.FastWebCoach.com

Blinkweb is pretty much a low end, free to use site but you will have hosting fees and Dan’s small coaching fees so it’s worth it to connect with him.  Blinkweb isn’t the most fancy website software, but it will be good enough to get you started.

I do not teach website design or building. I cannot help you in this regard. Look to Dan or others for assistance.

If you already have website software or have a friend who can help you with using something else, go for it.  You decide.

There are some elements you will have as you prepare to build your site:

1) Ad copy (A compelling headline, a subhead, and body content)

2) A video for your opt-in page and another for your details page.

You May Want to Incorporate These:


These are links I found online that work. They are not exclusively mine or GRN’s. Use them at your own risk. At some point, they may stop working because someone else controls the domains. I’m using them myself but . . . . who knows what will happen.

Back Office Product Tour


Username: Resort Password: Movie

Search Registry of Resorts


Username: Resort . . . . .Password: Lookfor

Overview movie of Global Resorts Network


Pay Plan Video


3) A webform to capture names and email addresses to build a list (you will create the form in your autoresponder and copy the html code into your website (simple copy and paste – no html experience necessary). Refer to your Aweber Account video tutorials for the ‘how to’.

4) Optional: An incentive for your leads to give you that information, i.e., a free report, video, ebook, boot camp, etc.) – YOU be the author. You want to think about positioning yourself as a leader, expert, a “go to” person out the gate. This is what causes your phone to ring.

5) Optional: Photo of you and/or/with family, having fun, on vacation or just looking like you’re having a good time.

6) Optional: A couple paragraphs telling Your unique story, a little bit about yourself.


Action Step 6

Start Marketing Your Website

I recommend pay per click. Go to http://adwords.google.com and set up an account. You’ll want to watch the Google training in www.YourOwnMarkHoversonCoachingClubLink.com.  If you are NOT part of the Club, refer to other training sites that you do have.


Action Step 7

Be Ready for Your New Sign Ups.

Know what your game plan will be when someone wants to join with you. Expect this to happen and be prepared.

How do you do that?

____ Save a copy of the Fast Start Welcome Letter or set up a site like this one to refer them to. Revise it immediately and put in your own contact information, personalize it to you, change any links that apply to you and your affiliate accounts. Then, when someone joins, you send them the letter or to a blog like this.

___ Call and welcome them to the team.

___ Get them plugged into these same first action steps, they work.

___ Schedule their first one on one coaching session to make sure they are going through the steps.

___Treat your first qualifying sale just like you’re already qualified. Go through these same steps but make sure they have my contact information also. Invite them to contact me for training.


Action Step 8
Start Your Video Marketing

Set up a free account at www.YouTube.com

Your username will be your channel name so give some thought to this as you decide what you want it to be.

This is where you are going to upload and host your videos. Click on every link and button, you can’t hurt a thing. Get familiar with it.

Set up your profile.

Grab your video camera.

Any camera that allows you to transfer your footage to your computer is fine. Nothing fancy. If you don’t have a video camera and want one, I understand the following are pretty good. I do not have these and cannot give you first hand knowledge. This is the word on the street. You decide.

** Cannon Power Shot ISD750-179 is good and runs about $179.
** Ultra Flip Camera for about $149
** RCA EZ300HD and runs about $150 (compares to flip but has unlimited video capacity & you can see screen as you’re filming.

If you don’t know much about the computer and its relationship with your camera, have your child / aunt / neighbor / co-worker / church teen youth group kid / whoever help you with setting up a webcam. Be resourceful.

Start making videos on what you’re learning and about GRN. Get them posted on youtube. Perfection is not required. Action is.

Video Editing Software:

You probably already have Windows Movie Maker on your computer and you may not even realize it. That’s what I use. You can download it free if you don’t have it, just Google it.


Misc. Stuff

Personal Development

I don’t know one person who has been successful in business without a daily routine of personal development. It teaches you how to grow up as an entrepreneur and helps you to press through challenging times. Visit Personal Development if you need ideas.

Global Resource Site

www.GRNOnlineTools.com. At this site you will also find a copy of the Policy and Procedures, the Direct Deposit Form and other important documents.

Merchant Account Info

For those in the US, if you want to have your own merchant account, you can apply for one specific to GRN through ‘Cardservices’ at http://www.fdis-dfw.com/grn. For those out of the country, getting a merchant account can be a challenge, but see what you can find.

Once you have your LinkPoint account set up, go to www.grnpayments.com/setup and follow directions to integrate you payment page on your globalresortsnetwork.com site.

Otherwise, you may use Global’s merchant account with a $150 processing fee per platinum sale.

Any questions about implementing merchant account things are to be directed to Customer Service staff at Linkpoint and GRN. The staff are professionals and will assist you best. I don’t want to be involved in your banking.

***When a sale is made through YOUR merchant account (if you have your own), the funds will be deposited into YOUR bank account within 3-4 days. Once the money is deposited, you will fill out the ‘bank wire’ information form which you can find at www.GRNOnlineTools.com under forms and documents.

When you wire money into Global, you must include the “completed form and a receipt from your bank of the wire” (you can either scan it in or fax it in). Again, if you have any questions, call Global’s customer service direct at 623-434-7485.

Reminder: Here’s the Advertising Recipe You Are Looking For:

A good ad . . .
That leads to a good optin page . . . .
That leads to a good website details page . . . .
That leads to a good email follow up campaign . . . . .
That leads to webinars and conference calls . . . . .
This leads to sales.

Sometimes your automation will generate sales prior to the end of this recipe.

Study Ad Copy

Sign up here for Michel’s newsletter www.michelfortin.com and read an article of your choice. He’s the #1 copywriter (cash-creator through words) in the world. You can get some good ideas about the words you want to use when you begin to design your personal branding website.


Haven’t Joined Global Yet?

If you’ve somehow stumbled across this blog and haven’t joined Global Resorts yet and you’re ready to get started, you can pay via Visa, Mastercard, or Discover, or, direct deposit or overnight cashiers check directly to Global.  We make it super simple for you to get started.  You will be working directly with me, YOUR NAME.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN HERE (Hyperlink to your affiliate application) Select Platinum (Lifetime Membership with $1K commissions)
(Note: I do not accept the “free affiliate” option. I work with those who are serious about creating a 6-7 figure income).

Immediately following your purchase, begin work on the instructions on this website and get in touch with me, YOUR NAME, directly at YOUR PHONE. Leave a message and I will return it personally.

To Return to My Main Details Page for Global Resorts Network, CLICK HERE.

To your Greatest Success my Friend and Welcome to the Team. We’re a crazy fun bunch of  entrepreneurs who love life, our businesses and our friendships.

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