Network Marketers-Are You Carrying Buckets or Building a Pipeline?

Network Marketers: Are You Carrying Buckets or Building a Pipeline?

July 14, 2008 12:13 PM

Attention all network marketers!Let me ask you a simple question.

Are you carrying buckets or are you building a pipeline in your network marketing business?

What do I mean by this?

Have you ever read the book, “Cashflow Quadrant” by Robert Kiyosaki? If not, I highly encourage you to read it.

At the beginning of this book Robert shares a story that was told to him by his “rich dad.”

Carrying Buckets vs. Building Your Pipeline

To make a long story short, two entrepreneurs set up businesses to deliver water to the residents of a village.

One carries buckets to the villagers. The other goes away for six months, comes back with a team and over the next six months builds a pipeline of water.

When the second entrepreneur was finally ready, he offered his water for 75% less than the first guy, offered it more frequently and offered better quality.

Needless to say, he did extremely well.

Robert says that this story helps him to ask himself two questions that are responsible for making him as rich and wealthy as he is today. Those questions are the following…

“Am I building a pipeline or hauling buckets?”

“Am I working hard or am I working smart?”

These are the types of questions you need to start asking yourself if you are looking to create more success in your network marketing business.

How Does “Cashflow Quadrant” By Robert Kiyosaki Relate To Your Network Marketing Business?

July 12, 2008 7:19 PM

The story Kiyosaki tells about carrying buckets vs. building a pipeline relates very well to the network marketing industry as a whole.So what is hauling buckets in network marketing?

Hauling buckets is any activity that you do, that doesn’t employ a system or leverage to help you maximize productivity.

I would dare to say that the large majority of the distributors in the network marketing industry are hauling buckets.

What are some examples of hauling buckets in your network marketing business?

Do you cold call leads in your network marketing business?

Do you prospect your friends and family?

Do you use “the three foot rule” or other old school traditional network marketing techniques?

If so, you are actually hauling buckets in your network marketing business.

Trust me when I say this to you—your leaders, those that are making the big six and seven figure incomes, they are not hauling buckets like the ‘newbies’ are.

Even if they are, they are doing only just enough so they can say they are “leading by example.”

That’s not a bad thing—it’s leverage. The fact of the matter is they’ve built a pipeline.

What does “their”pipeline consist of?

If they are teaching you traditional network marketing techniques, their pipeline consist of you and a bunch of other distributors using these techniques while they leverage themselves using conference calls and the business opportunity meeting.

Instead of your leaders having to talk to prospects one by one, they get to get on a conference call or go to a hotel room, filled with prospects you and other distributors invited, do the presentation one time and make hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in one night while you make a few dollars maybe.

How would you instead like to build a pipeline and teach your organization to build a pipeline as well—from day one?

You can if you use internet network marketing attraction techniques.

When you use attraction marketing techniques you are building a pipeline instead of carrying buckets.

Like the second entrepreneur it may literally take you months, even a year to get your system up and running.

However, once you do get that system up and running the other distributors in your company won’t be able to keep up.

Mike Dillard, author of Magnetic Sponsoring recently shared his experience attending his company’s latest convention.

At the convention the network marketing company recognized the top five recruiters for the year. FOUR out of FIVE of those recruiters were in Mike Dillard’s organization.

How is that possible?

It is possible because Mike Dillard taught his network marketing team how to build pipelines while the rest of the leaders in the company taught their teams how to carry buckets.

So ask yourself this question.

Are you building pipelines or are you carrying buckets?

If you’re carrying buckets, even if you feel you need to continue to carry buckets, at the very least take some time out of your bucket carrying to start building a pipeline.

Your team, your network marketing company, your upline and most importantly, your bank account will thank you for it!


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