I Can Now Work From My Phone . . .

This is a photo of my husband and myself just finishing picking fresh limes off our tree in the middle of the week.
Notice that we are at home. In the middle of the week.This never happened years ago.
Let me explain.
Years ago when I was the sales and marketing manager for a Silicon Valley commercial landscape company I never was able to see my garden in the middle of the day during the winter. I would leave my house in the wee hours of the morning and arrive way after sunset in the cold, dark night.
This made me mad at so many levels:  I was helping someone else get rich, I had to commute for hours every day, I couldn’t see my lovely garden that we spent so much time building on the weekends only, I hadn’t ‘made it on my own yet’, etc. Plus I missed my dogs!
So, I started poking around on the internet and stumbled upon this travel membership that gave their members deep, deep discounts and $2,000 commissions for each sale. I jumped at it.
Everything started out great, I went through the easy to follow directions and started placing ads on Google(Facebook didn’t exist yet). Little by little I started getting some subscribers and then some sales.
But, it wasn’t easy. For me. I’m not 20 or 30 years old and didn’t grow up with a computer.
I struggled with the technology. Still do sometimes.
I have discovered that technology changes fast, there’s always ‘updates’ and new systems to implement and learn. That’s just the way it is going into the future. Believe me-it’s better to be ‘in the know’ of technology even if it’s crazy making sometimes. The online world is a vast new language that you need to learn in order to be successful, let alone CURRENT.
Teaching people how to do internet business is rewarding for me. I love seeing my clients become self sufficient, and making money online.
So now I am working from my iphone or home computer and loving life.
When my husband comes home early from his corporate job (my goal is to allow him to retire in a few years) I can fix a nice lunch for us and pick limes when they’re ripe.
Life is good because I made a plan and did the work.
You can too.
Personal message me on my Facebook fanpage if you want to live this kind of life.
Monday night I will show you how to chose the right audience for your Facebook ads!
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