Walking and Talking Solves Problems


Walking and talking is the best thing you can do for multiple reasons:

1. Walking is healthy for mind, body and soul—HEALTH

2.The brain is stimulated – ideas, solutions just flow

3. Fresh air is cleansing.

–Steve Jobs solved problems by walking and talking with his closet colleagues.

The internet lifestyle is much, much more than just trying to make a sale. It’s a new way of life. You essentially get your time back. Google will show you whenever you need as far as supplies, training, education, appointment times, movie time, ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👨‍🎤🧘‍♀️💦🍿

Time is precious.🙏

Some say time is money, but it depends on the situation.
The internet lifestyle is about living life to the fullest. Travel, health, wealth, fun, meaning, connection — is just some of the cool aspects of the internet lifestyle.

No, you don’t just isolate yourself on your cell phone, but you use it to connect to people bother physically and mentally.

We are living in a new world now. One that is full of opportunity.

The above photo is of me, my husband and a new friend we met while hiking in the European Alps.🏔️ Her name is Fran and she took us on a great hike right below the Sutro Tower in San Francisco. The area was called, ‘the Interior Greenbelt’. I felt like I was in Costa Rica as I entered this heavily forested area!

It was amazing.

That is the Internet Lifestyle—traveling the world while your business is plugged in, taped on working for you 24/7 so you can enjoy the world! As I am writing this now I just got 10 new leads.
How awesome is that?
Those leads want to know how I am able to live the Internet Lifestyle. And I love showing people how to do it.

I’m doing Facebook LIVES every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5;30 pm PST rain or shine, tech issues or not.

Just a short while ago I did my Wednesday LIVE, had tech issues, used my iphone to show my screen and it turned out to be vertical!!!!!!!!!! 🤔
Live and learn. And yes, I’m going to keep it posted because stuff happens

Go here to my Facebook LIVE Friday night at 5:30 pm pst.

Let me know if you want me to do it on a specific topic!

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