Be positive and profitable during the Holidays


I hope that you have enjoyed your weekend as much as I have.

This is me at the Dunsmuir House in Oakland, CA with one of the docents. I treated my husband and in-laws to the tea and house tour there yesterday.
It was a gorgeous, clear and warm California day.
The Dunsmuir House has 37 rooms all decked out with lovely Christmas decorations. It was a real treat to explore and be in awe with these festive rooms. One room had a ballerina theme with little pink ballerina ornaments hanging on the tree. Another room had a copper theme with copper bows and ribbons adorning the fire place mantle. The tree had similar copper ornaments. Each room was different and amazing!
It’s been so great to be able to actually enjoy the Holidays without being stressed!
And be profitable.
In the past I used to be stressed about how I’m going to afford presents for my family and friends. I would put everything on credit cards, only to having to shell out the cost plus interest the next month. I was painful, I was embarrassed and hated doing it.
Tip:  Try not to use credit cards if you can help it.
In this techno day and age I am now profitable because I use affiliate links, funnels and Facebook ads to promote programs that I know, like and trust. In the middle of the day or night my links are going out constantly. I am getting between 3 -25 good, solid, highly target leads every single day simply by following simple instructions.
This is so positive as well as being eco-friendly.
I am not driving around in my car going from door to door like I used to trying to sell commercial landscape services to hotels, office complexes or large high-tech campuses.
Digital marketing dosen’t have fuel exhaust polluting the atmosphere.
Thank goodness I don’t have to get onto an airplane like so many busy executives do now flying across the country a couple times a week.
Talk about massive air pollution from plane exhaust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don’t get me wrong, I love to fly. But I fly mostly for vacation purposes. I attend an occasional
business conference and really enjoy it.
So, I bet you are wondering how am I able to be profitable and positive at the same time?
I owe alot of my success to Mark Hoverson, who I’ve know for over 7 years. He is one of those people I just resonated with early in my online career. He teachings and courses have showed me how to be successful step by step online. In fact, I even co-wrote a book with him entitled, The Million Dollar Day. This book is about eliminating procrastination out of your life.
FYI-Procrastination is one of the biggest success killers.
Mark has recently come out with this great game called, Empire Limitless. It is a fun way to do a personal check on your health, finances, relationships, limiting habits, travel and so much more. This is a 51-level game that has never been released to the public before now.
A FREE 14 day trial is available to you.
As a member you will receive a Limitless tee-shirt, water bottle, personal journal and pen, plus our book The Million Dollar Day.
You can take advantage of this right now by clicking here.
If you want to have a positive life and be profitable I will be here for you. Feel free to ask me questions on my Facebook page.
I want to see you succeed in this digital world (and our planet to heal).
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