Courage To Pursue Your Dreams


Back in 2007, I fooled myself into thinking I was an entrepreneur because it sounded cool and much better than working for someone else.

Then – shortly after starting my first business… I quit. It was hard having to learn a whole new world of language and technology.
A couple months in, I soon discovered entrepreneurship wasn’t for the faint of heart.

At the time, I had a timid mind.

I was wildly expectacious.
A non-action-taker.
Easily swayed and bothered.
A problem dweller.

Looking back – I see why starting my first business was a serious wake up call for me.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur required me to hold a mirror up to all the limiting beliefs I was holding onto.

And in the process, I quickly realized the game of business required much more courage and boldness than I predicted.

This was a moment where I decided to change.

I decided to get over my problems quicker than I dwell on them.
I decided to change my way of thinking the second a moment calls for it.
I decided to give up everything no matter what was being asked from my mentor and the people I was learning from.
I started caring more about creating something beautiful, than potentially losing something beautiful.

So today – after 7 years inside the trenches and working harder on myself than almost anything else in my life…

…I simply don’t know any other way to live and prosper than to be entrepreneurial.

It’s in my blood.
It’s what I eat, breathe, and think about everyday.

And I’m committed to giving it my all…

Hot Tip: If you’re ready for the challenge and committed to giving yourself a fighting chance to succeed….you must be giving it your ALL…..Starting right now.

– Start or find a business that works for you.
– Take intense massive action daily.
– Learn from your mistakes.
– Become the entrepreneur you were destined to be.

But if this type stuff sounds crazy and doesn’t really inspire you, or even scares you a little bit, then maybe you’re not ready.

And that’s totally OK.

I wasn’t ready either.

Timing is important and I understand it’s not for everybody. I still love you.
However, if you really want it and not sure where to start or who to trust…
Leave me a comment below saying “I’m ready to learn” and I’ll send you a private message and show you exactly what my friends and I are using to design our lifestyles using the Internet this year.

Hint: I just personally connected with two guys who are taking normal people like you and me (with little to no experience online), and helping them reach $10k-$30k a month online, faster than anything I’ve ever seen. Id love to introduce them to you.

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