Online Business Break – Enjoy the Fruits of Your Hobbies


Working online is wonderful, however, it can become an arduous chore if you don’t take breaks. One of the ways I ‘relax’ is gardening. I love nature and being outside.  After staring at the computer screen for hours I take the dogs (we now have three) for a garden walk. This is usually around the late morning hours. We start in the vegetable garden and walk towards the back lawn. All the while I’m listening to the birds, assessing what chores need to be done and enjoying the fruits of my labor.

After a few minutes walking the garden I find myself pulling weeds. And that’s a good thing because it forces me to bend my body over, stretch out the back of my legs and back-which feels fabulous! Gardening engages all of the senses as does tennis, hiking, sailing, traveling, etc. It is refreshing to get away from your work even if you love it.

Here is my garden tour from early May from my Youtube channel:

What are your hobbies or favorite breaks from your online business? Please comment below!

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