Book Review of Future Smart



The book Future Smart, by James Canton, shows us the new trends that will be shaping our future. We are going into a huge digital age where everything we think, do or touch will be digitized. For instance, everything in our homes will be digitized so upon entering our homes the thermostat will immediately turn to our desired level of comfort. Our automobiles will sense that we are about to enter them and almost telepathically know where we are going, even checking the traffic conditions.

Most businesses will be in the form of digital commerce, especially mobile. That means 70% of all business will be conducted via her cell phones. It will be a thing called Neuro ads for businesses. Neuro- ads can and even interpret, and predict what you need and even provide it. The massive global automated advertising system uses neuroscience with cloud networks degenerate billions of personalized ads customized for your desires needs and problems.

So much for Facebook ads. Facebook ads do this on the minimal basis.

By the year 2025 most of the market workers will be freelancers working for large corporations and entrepreneurs. We see this trend starting with Fiverr, Upwork and other platforms for hiring assistants or experts for your specific business needs.

So how do you prepare for this upcoming near future of Digital trends? Will you begin by becoming knowledgeable yourself about health online business works. That’s why I am a member of the Invisible Empire which shows you how to run a business step-by-step. The link is:

The future is about programming your brain to think more in digital terms. As Darwin theory suggests existence meant survival of the fittest and most adaptable species.

The book Future Smart shows you what you can expect in the future and how your life is going to change. By 2025 most money transactions will be digital, using digital commerce which such as Bitcoin, Digitrade and other digital cash models.

The 3-D cloud printing marketplace will deliver 70% of all products directly to the consumer.

Get ready,the future is here.

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