How Do You Really Succeed Online?

Most people don’t even think about making a living online. I’m telling you, the average person you meet on the street(or family or friends) has absolutely no clue that this universe is available . . . and VIABLE!
Or if they have heard of online business, marketing or whatever you want to call it, they think people are there just to rip you off.
Super bummer
Too bad for them. They are already late to the party.
But catch up time will be here.
Tomorrow night I’m attending an event at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco entitled:
The Creating Our Digital World, by Erik Brynijolfsson and Andrew McAffee.
Why would I want to attend this? Because this is the future of our world. I know that the sooner you build your own business, the sooner you will be able to live the life you want and not one that someone else tells you too. It’s that simple.
Someone just recently asked me how they could build a business online. Well, the quick version is to have GoDaddy build a simple site for you. Then go through their various tutorials on how to get the word out about your new product(s). They also have short classes on how to get traffic(potential customers) to your website, how to brand yourself, etc. Sounds good, although it’s sort of generic. But it’s a good start.
I prefer to become part of an interactive community where we support each other, help each other and have a lot of fun together learning online business.
How do you really succeed online?
How do you really succeed online?
1. Learn something such as branding yourself, Facebook ads, Funnels, etc.
2. Do it – watch the training and do whatever you are learning. Have two windows open on your computer, 1. training video and 2. you actually setting up whatever you are learning.
3. Teach what you learned to someone else. That’s a double bonus because you cement in your brain what you are learning plus you create an instant authority to your audience.
You can shoot a quick video about what you learned or conduct a webinar about it. That’s what the pros do.
So why shouldn’t you?
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