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Beautiful day in San Francisco!

We learned about the famous four entrepreneurs who developed Nob Hill in San Francisco. They were Leland Stanford, Collis Huntington, Mark Hopkins and Charles Crocker. We can’t forget Theodore Judah who is the railroad and civil engineer that convinces the big four to invest in the transcontinental railroad. Mr. Judah was the original visionary who saw the railroad in his mind, then later on paper. A lot of the side walls and curbs were constructed from the granite taken from the Sierra Nevada while building the transcontinental railroad. The vision, drive and tenacity of these men made San Francisco what it is today.
Interesting fact: Many of these men and thousands of others sailed to San Francisco from England, Spain and France as well as many other parts of Europe. Why? Because they heard about the GOLD RUSH in 1849. They sailed these large, beautiful 1700th century ships for months and landed in San Francisco bay.Then they left(abandoned)their ships to head to the Sierras to mine for gold. Their beautiful ships that carried them for thousands of miles were left rotting in the bay.
Those ships are still there today as landfill.
The big four, Stanford, Huntington, Hopkins and Crocker were all involved in the development of Nob Hill in San Francisco. Most of them gained their wealth by having general stores which sold mining supplies to the miners at the foot of the Sierras. Crocker was a Bonanza King (Nevada Silver mining) inheritancee as well as a entrepreneur himself. He worked farms in his teens and developed an iron forge company at the age of 23. With the money saved from his successful businesses he went on to found the Central Pacific Railroad Company along with the other three Nob Hill Entrepreneurs.
Vision, Drive and Tenacity: The ‘big four’ had vision that most other people just didn’t have. It takes courage to step away from the mass consciousness to develop your dreams. The big four wanted to be wealthy and they wanted to craft a railroad system for the country to encourage coast to coast commerce. They saw this opportunity in their minds before one railroad tie was lay down. The rest is history.
Today the Gold Rush is Digital which is estimated to be a million times greater than the Gold Rush ever was.
We live in a day and age when a person with vision, drive and tenacity can make a million or more online per year. All you have to do is:
*Don’t listen to naysayers
*Follow your instinct
*Educate yourself
*Do the work
Just think-if you have a $1,000 product that is good and that you believe in, you set up a great sales funnel and sell 1,000 units, you make a million bucks!
This is the Digital Rush!
Whether you like it or not we are not going back to the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s(boomers). You either get on this digital train or you fall way behind to eck out a living trading your precious time for money.

I hope that is not you!

**Pop Question-Who is the statue behind us in the above photo?

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Enjoy the process!
You will have plenty of help and support along the way.

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