Don’t Get Scammed!

Don’t Get Scammed!

This last week I went skiing in Tahoe, CA. As usual I always put my drivers license, credit card and ski ticket in my inside pocket of my vest in case I crash or get injured.

When I got to the first lift to go through the gate, I had to shuffle things around so my credit card wouldn’t mess with ski ticket scan.

I skied the whole day, had a great time.

When I got back to the cabin I transferred my vest contents into my purse. But, my drivers license was missing!


However-this is a huge tip—I took a photo of my drivers license before I left on my ski trip. So I still had proof of who I was in digital form.

Hint – (Take photos of your passport also for this reason)

Being the diligent person I am I went straight to the DMV site to find out how to get a new license. I filled out my information on the site and purchased my replacement.

Or so I thought.

Even though the had an official looking DMV seal and a very professional look and feel to it—-IT WASN”T THE REAL SITE!

Turns out it is a 30-Day Road Side Assistance site.


Here is the site so you know–
(Just put the http:// in front to actually go to the site)

TIP: Make sure that if you need to do the same or similar type of thing that you make certain the site is official by checking the link. A real link should have your State’s abbreviated name and as the end.

Be careful and check out everything before you go to a government site!

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