The Internet Lifestyle – A Whole New World

Punta Mita '16 045I’m coming off the high of spending last week in Punta Mita with some very close tennis friends. BTW-Punta Mita is located 30 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We rented a 2nd story condo right on the beach complete with a spacious main floor window that opened up completely to the ocean. The condo was big enough for three couples to stay very comfortably. The local town was just a few yards away so we could experience authentic Mexican cuisine anytime we wished. The condo had beautiful marble floors, granite counter tops and a housekeeper! Tropical paradise complete with soaring Frigate birds, Pelicans, coconut palms, sail boats bobbing in the swells and even a few yachts anchored off shore. The temperature was a perfect 82F. Sun shinning with a few dappled clouds overhead.

This trip marked the epitome of living the Internet Lifestyle. A large part of our trip cost was paid for via my few businesses online. Such a great feeling. I remember years ago when I got started learning the online business industry. I spent thousands of dollars only to fall on my face, not once, not twice, but a dozen times. And I’m not done yet, no where near what my dreams are going to shortly manifest. Friends and family were extremely skeptical in the past and still are of my online ventures. People talk about building ‘brick and mortar’ businesses like it is the only way to still do business even though you see hundreds of new online business successfully take hold. Look at the biggies: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, LinkedIn, etc. Or the smaller businesses such as Mashable, Uber, Blue Apron,, Angie’s List, etc. The thing is that this was their vision.These businesses were built by people who had a passionate vision. They didn’t stop until they materialized their dreams.

There are thousands of ways the average person can make an income from their laptop or iphone. You don’t even have to build a business-you can join an existing one, but you do have to believe that it is possible.

Believing is everything.

While in Punta Mita most of my friends were complaining about having to go back to work the following Monday. And the hours they put in just to be able to go to this tropical paradise was mind crushing.

I didn’t say anything while they were complaining. I was silent. I happen to love what I do and am thrilled to do my work. While in Punta Mita I would take an hour or so to myself in the afternoon to click and check my revshare systems(I’ve got seven), receive notices from Amazon when my book sold and chat with friends on Facebook to stay in the loop.I am happier in my life then I’ve ever been. The future is bright, very bright and I know I am going to achieve my dreams and goals.

I have people all over the planet assisting me in my dreams. They are becoming part of a whole new world.

That world is freedom.

That world is mobility.

That world is financial health and abundance.

That world is peace of mind.

Anyone can do this. But you have to BELIEVE.

Let’s talk about adaptation. The was Darwin’s theory about how species survived. They adapted to their surroundings. Some people I know have brick and mortar businesses but they are struggling. They refuse to adapt to internet technology. The Millennial generation buys almost everything online now, they don’t always go to a store try on clothes to see if something fits. When the clothes arrive via the postman, that’s when they try them on and if the article of clothing doesn’t fit they simply put it back in the bag and off  the apparel goes for a refund.  A person or business can now sell anything online from lipstick to pool tables, there is no limitation except your mind.

What cracks me up when I’m around ‘retired’ people is that they can’t afford nice things. They say, “Oh, that restaurant is too expensive, or I can’t afford more vacations this year”.  What the . . . . ? If I can’t afford nice things I figure out how I can and that might be writing another book, or setting up a new online system or taking a mortgage out to buy a piece of property that will through off cash. This can all be done at your computer. The only excuse is most people don’t do this is because they have decided that they are too old to learn new things or they don’t want to take risks or they might look stupid or (fill in the blanks) . . . . .

The only way to become financially sound is to have your own business. While some colleagues of mine still work a traditional 9 – 5 job, a few of them have a product they are developing. I have deep respect for them to have such a vision. As I said earlier you don’t have to start from scratch. You can get involved in a already tried and true successful online business.

But you have to re-arrange your thinking.

And you may have to struggle through it.

You may loose money.

You may loose friends.

But you will become an online hero when you make it. You will become more confident. More free. More self aware. And more compassionate. People will start asking you how you “did it”. You will then become a leader. Sometimes being a leader is lonely.

Is it worth it?

Every darn second.


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