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Six months ago I saw the offer go hiking in Alps of Europe via the Commonwealth Club. The trip was entitled: Mont Blanc and Beyond. Hiking entailed going through various parts of the Alps in Switzerland, Italy and France. I thought WOW this it be awesome to do.

Being on a budget and running two companies made me hesitant to sign up for this trip. But I signed up anyway. Tip: When your intuition says yes, do it!

My husband definitely didn’t want to do it (he always says no to every suggestion because he’s a six on the Enigram scale). I figured out how to pull out the funds to go on this trip, signed the paperwork and anxiously awaited the trip.

It was two months before the trip and I was getting super excited. Then one month for the trip we bought a new backpack, some clothes and started packing. On the day of the trip we could hardly believe it was happening. We were actually flying across the “pond” on a 12 hour flight 5,200 miles away from home. We were about to spend a 16 day adventure with people we’ve never met before.

We arrived in Geneva Switzerland and met our group. There were five couples and four single ladies. We boarded a big luxury bus with huge windows which made sight seeing a joy. We traveled to Villars Switzerland for the first three nights. This quaint, small Swiss town had beautiful old homes, apartment buildings and hotels with flowers spilling out of their window boxes in shades of red, pink and white. We hiked amongst cows with bells for the next three days. We enjoyed fondu on mountaintops, witnessed the turning of the fall foliage and made new friends. We are adjusting to the new time change and weather. It was lot cooler in Switzerland then in California. Every moment was precious.

We then traveled to Italy and stayed in a small town called Cogne. This town had a 1500 person population. This was a small town that no one’s really heard about because it’s so far up in the Alps. People still dressed in traditional clothes but there were modern conveniences and wi-fi.

This dairy village meant daily village life revolves around the cows. Orchestras of cow bells and mooing is a common occurrence. We made bread with the village baker. We sampled his herbal grappas.

Hiking was easy as we walked to nearby villages or hamlets for lunch. Wild red barberries lined the hiking trails. Every once in a while we spotted a Chamois, a rare wild antelope sporting curved , short antlers.

Our Cogne hotel had a fabulous spa. After our hikes we would luxuriate in the jet pools while feasting our eyes across the pastures that gave way to glaciers.

The grand finale destination was going to the top of Mt. Blane in France. Mt. Blanc is near the ski town of Chamonix. This cafe lined town is a favorite destination for adventure skiers and hikers. We took two tram rides to get to the top of the mountain 12,630 feet up. Once we arrived we were in awe of the vast glacial expanse. The view was breathtaking. Literally because the air is thin at that altitude.

A blackbird which pigeon qualities landed on the wire rope railing. I found out it was called a Life bird. Probably because you only view this bird once in a lifetime up there.

That is just a small sample of precious memories I have of our trip.

Traveling is good for the mind body and soul. It does take effort and it can be arduous making your train and airport connections on time.

**Traveling unites people from other cultures.

**Travel awakens your senses

**Travel stimulate your brain

**Travel gives you confidence

Now that I’m home I feel like I’m digesting a great meal as I relish memories of our trip.

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See you at a great destination soon!

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