How to Achieve your Dreams After 65


Most people at the age of 65 have been programmed to retire and rest. Boring! The old world mindset is that you are not physically strong to perform jobs anymore. It could be true for some, but in this new millennium 65 is the new 55. Medical and technological advances have made it possible for people to live a happier longer life. Learning new things has been medically proven to improve minds as they age. Being relevant with updated learning is the new way to be as we age.


It’s never too late for anyone at any age to achieve their goals. At 65 years old most people are beginning to enjoy their life even more. They have some retirement savings set aside, grand children to enjoy and new interests to pursue. Aging may affect your ability to do some things but it does not have to be a hindrance to what you want to accomplish.


Here are some helpful points you can use to achieve your success after 65.


  1. Be fueled with passion. A person who is passionate about what he does is unstoppable. Your dreams may be big or small. They might be writing your first book, starting your own bakeshop, volunteering at the local children’s hospital. If you want to make it happen, you need to have that burning desire and belief in what you are doing.


  1. Have the right perspective. Being at 65 means that you have learned many valuable lessons from your personal life experiences. By now, you have also realized how important it is to have the right perspective on everything. Life is never perfect and while we experience success and victory, there are also downfalls and challenges. But with the right perspective, you will be able to regain your focus and be able to get back up again to continue your journey.

Having the right perspective will help you focus your eyes on the things that matter the most – your end goal.

  1. Be persistent. Your journey towards your dreams may be full of trials and obstacles but the key to making those dreams come true is by being persistent. Persistence means you are not going to give up no matter how difficult the journey is. It means that even if times get rough, you will never think about quitting because these challenges are just part of your journey. It is your determination and sheer will to get to your ultimate goals that will help you get through the hard times. Keeping your eyes on the prize and believing that you can do it no matter what other people say will keep you in the right track.


  1. Stay positive. Things will not always be perfect on your journey to your dreams. If you want to be a successful writer for example, you may not be able to get your books published on the first attempt. If you want to be a businessman or entrepreneur, you may see very slow or little growth for years in your business, way more than you expected. However, if you stay positive and look beyond these road blocks, you will look these obstacles as a challenging adventure. Instead of losing heart and wanting to give up, you will learn from what happened and make use of the lessons to be better each time. (Hint: You can teach those lessons.)You will transform your weaknesses into strengths because after all, whatever happens will contribute to your success in the end.


  1. Learn how to listen. Being 65 years old means that you have learned so much in life already because of everything you have been through; whether it was about your previous career or your personal experiences. However, learning is a continuous process and even if you are already 65, there are still an abundance of things that you can learn in the process of accomplishing your life goals. If you want to achieve success, it is also important for you to learn how to listen. Learn from other experts, especially if they are people who are younger than you. It’s important be receptive to feedback and constructive criticism. They are all meant to help you become a better you.



Re-thinking retirement is option for us in the new world since we are living longer. Many people switch careers several times in their lives. It is rare to see people working for the same employer for 30+ years then retire. Most people continue to develop an area of interest that they are passionate about into a business. My passion has been to help people get the right education for working online. It can be difficult to find a online educational platform that you can trust and actually learn how to build a business.


Working online is very freeing. You can travel, spend more time with friends and family and still make a great living. My educational platform is the Invisible Empire. Mark Hoverson is the owner of the IE. I have worked with him for seven years, I know his family and appreciate our friendship. He is the “real deal” and an excellent educator.


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I can’t wait to see you have your dreams come true whether your are 65 or not. It’s never too late to live your passions and enjoy a beautiful life!


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