Stop Horsing Around!

That’s right! Stop horsing around(unless you’re on vacation, like I am here). So many people don’t take their online business seriously and end up with a broken spirit and a broke bank account.
Don’t let that happen to you!
Take your business and online education seriously. Study how business is done online as if you were going to college (at the tune of $20k per yr.).
Believe me I know all about horsing around, because I did it for years! After I read, The Four Hour Work Week, I thought all I had to do was to put our my main domain link into social media and I’d be rich. NOT!
School of hard knocks has taught me to learn the right way. Slow, steady and in depth learning always sticks and is way more effective than quick bursts of energy that quickly burns out.
As soon as I stopped grabbing at straws and actually started implementing what I had learned, I started making money online.
*I stopped looking at the nasayers expressions when I told them what I did.
*I started working smart
*I started listening to my mentors
*I stopped thinking I knew better than my mentors
*I started following directions
And then something miraculous started happening. I started teaching people about online business. My friends were actually coming to me for advice(who earlier thought I was nuts).
The tides started turning not just for a day or two- but for good.
I hope the same happens for you, it sure feels good.
Here is the replay of last week’s webinar about Facebook Ads-Live Demo:

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