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I had no idea life could be so fun(and less stressful)!

Living the Internet Lifestyle is awesome.

Last Friday we went up to Sutter Creek to find some fish(trout) and have a nice time. Our friends Laurie and Larry joined us.

We stayed at the Sutter Creek Inn which is a cute B & B built in 1849 or so. I love the small, quaint towns where the locals know everybody. The sidewalks are marble from local quarries and fireplace mantels railroad ties with holes in them containing acorns in them. Woodpeckers love the railroad ties apparently.

I recall getting ready to leave on similar trips when I was working at a corporation in Silicon Valley years ago. I would rush home in horrendous traffic to start packing at 6 pm for departure the next morning. It was always a rush job.

After being exhausted from 2 hr. heavy commuting, working 9 hours a day, not being appreciated by my boss and eckking out a living I said, “The heck with this!”

For a while I didn’t know what to do with my time.

So, I studied real estate flipping. That fun, but dangerous. I would go into people’s home alone to help them put their house into contract. These homes weren’t in the best areas. Even though I made some greats deals, I felt too vulnerable doing this alone. I could of found a partner, but didn’t. So I quit.

I went back into the landscape business and started doing design work. That was my foray since I had a degree in horticulture and business. It was fun for a few years, but then I got tired of drawing and commuting from client to client in the San Francisco Bay Area which has heavy traffic. So I quit.

One day before I quit landscape design I saw the book, The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss at Kinko’s while I was copying a design plan. I read the book cover to cover in a weekend.

Then I went online to find subjects that interested me.

1. Travel

So I dove into this discount travel program.

It allowed me to travel around the world and stay at nice resorts for $398 – $700 per week. Pretty cool.

Plus it allowed me to sell the membership and make $2k commissions. Not bad.

But, major problem. I was a technophob and didn’t know how the internet worked.

It was painful to learn how to sell online 8 years ago. There was no real great learning platform that would show a person like me how to build a business online.

I tried 6 different “educational platforms” only to become more confused and in debt.

Super bummer.

Then I stumbled upon Landon and Chris on the internet giving a webinar that seemed to make sense. I thought to myself, “I could do this”. So guess what?

I did what Landon and Chris said and little by little I started realizing that I could actually build a great business online.

So I did!

I no longer have to:


*Wear fancy business suits(although I like to dress up)

*Be stressed out when it comes to packing for vacations

*Be treated badly by ignorant bosses

Now I work from either my desktop computer or iphone anywhere I choose. Home, B & B, river, waiting in doctor’s office, etc.

It feels so good to not be stressed when leaving on mini vacations.

Other benefits of working online include:

# A house that is in good order and clean
# Good homemade nightly meals
# Time with friends and family that’s not rushed
# Bills are paid on time
# Low mileage on the car
# Less toxic imprint on the planet
# I’m more relaxed and in harmony with myself and my husband
# I do ‘field trips’ with girl friends mid-week, mid-day.
# Grocery and Costco shopping in the middle of the day

All in all . . .

I’m loving life and feeling good! I wish the same for everyone this lifestyle is appropriate for.

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