Insiders: Transformational Tuesday Tonight, 6 pm PST


What’s up #GAZ?!

Yesterday – we announced that we’re releasing our brand new GAZ COACHING PROCESS tonight at 6pm pst

It was one of our most highly engaged post in GAZ history:


And tonight, we’re excited to deliver the details!


#1.) In the first 10 minutes, Landon Stewart will be sharing a powerful marketing strategy we call:


This strategy has worked incredible well over the years to set us apart from most internet marketers, increase leads & sales, & become the ultimate solution in our prospects eyes when considering to start an online business.

We’ve only taught this strategy to a few select people, and tonight, we’ll break it down for you!

#2.) After that, we’ll show, tell, and open up instant access to our brand new GAZ COACHING PROCESS!

The GAZ Leadership team has been working hard behind the scenes to complete this new video series and have it ready to release tonight!

Kameron George had a high level production team film the new video series in Las Vegas, and we think you’re going to love it…along with all your new buyers discovering GAZ.

Again, this new coaching process is just PHASE #1 of two.

After we install these new coaching videos tonight, we’ll be moving into PHASE TWO which is creating a brand new Enagic sales presentation!

This new Enagic information will not only dive into the power of the Enagic compensation plan, why it works, & the life-changing results this company has provided our community…

…but we’ll also have much more additional information around the SCIENCE of the actual Kangen water, Ukon, and Anespa benefits – to further help our clients be fully informed to make an educated decision based on the VALUE of using the Enagic products everyday.

We’re really, really excited about phase #2!

#3.) We’ll be reviewing one of our members FACEBOOK AD’S for a live Hotseat!!

If you’re currently running ads on Facebook for GAZ, investing at least $30/week on ads….

…and want Landon Stewart to review and critique your marketing live to help boost leads/sales…

…let us know in the comments on the original Facebook Post HERE:

We’ll be selected ONE GAZ MEMBER for review tonight!

Will it be you?!

Click here at 6pm PST / 9pm EST to attend & find out: ✅

You won’t want to miss tonight.

It’s going to be PACKED with value.

See you then,

Stapes & The GAZ Leadership Team

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