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Happy Monday!
I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration ever. I did with my husband, mom and step father in the photo. Except I blew the reservation to this Chinese restaurant! I assumed it was another one that I loved and didn’t check.😥
However, it turned out to be ok anyway and had great vegetable dishes. The wine was good also. At any rate, my Mom couldn’t believe how many gifts she got and that we paid for her dinner.
She said that she felt
“Guilty of what”, I asked. “I just don’t know how I deserve all of this”. So I said, “Mom, it’s not about ‘deserving’ it’s about being grateful”.
You see, gratitude is the secret to enjoying and attracting more things to be grateful for.🙏
Many people feel ‘guilty’ if they feel “too good”. What is up with that, anyway? Do you feel like that? I must admit that I have felt like that, wondering when the other shoe is going to drop. For most people it is normal to feel stressed, broke, physically out of shape, and tired. Unfortunately that tends to be the norm. Thank you negative news media, cop shows and just down right complainers!
GRATITUDE changes everything.
Don’t give into the ‘NORM’.
You are better than ‘normal’.
If you were ‘normal’ you wouldn’t still be reading this. You would think that this is a crock and there is no value in my words.
Here’s some amazing value: Read the book ‘Magic’, by Rhonda Byrne.🌟
It’s changed my LIFE!
The book is all about being grateful for everything you have, right now. And guess what?
The more you are grateful for what you have right now, the more your future dreams will come true.
Everyday I do the practice of:
* Writing down 10 things I’m grateful for
* Read a positive mindset book for 15 minutes before getting out of bed(setting the tone of the day)
*Say ‘thank you” in my head for everything such as the sun, the trees, the birds, etc.
*Trust my instincts the first time
It’s truly changed my LIFE!
I’m attracting 3-4 quality business leads into my life on a daily basis. I’ve always read about other people doing this, but now it’s happening to ME!
AND it feels GREAT!🏆
Guess where I learned about this?
Through my business. And the people in the business.
Take a look to see what I mean:
Now, if you’ve already seen the video, shoot me an email so we can personally hook up.
You know the saying, ‘Your attitude determines your altitude’. Well, it’s truer than true!
My partners, Landon and Chris, are the epitome of that. They are lively, grateful and extremely successful in all aspects of their lives.
So go ahead and watch the video to see what I mean:
You will learn lots about online business along the way.
Also, Go to my Facebook page for tips about business, life and fun things:
BTW- My Mom is working on being more grateful instead of guilty.🙏

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