Avoid the Bag Lady Syndrome

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As a female Baby Boomer I have been concerned about outliving my retirement investments. I see many women my age, give or take a few years, with the same concern. We are living longer than our ancestors. However, we have a huge advantage that our ancestors did not have – education, information and online access to the world. The Bag Lady Syndrome is becoming a huge concern not just for ladies, but men as well. When one door closes – youth, another door opens – the internet. Another big concern that may lead to the Bag Lady Syndrome is the Boomers lack of trust and intimidation of the internet. People from all walks of life need to get over that crippling fear. In this post I will show you how to get over that fear and have a thriving life in your later years.

The recent plight of my friend, a nurse for the last 32 years really made me mad. This lovely women who worked her tail off helping young children receive decent medical care, gave her all to make the children comfortable. She decorated their hospital rooms to cheer them up with her own money, she took kids under her wing and generally cared about their well being, when their parents couldn’t. She put her heart and soul into a boutique medical system that did not offer any source of retirement. My lovely friend was so busy creating a positive atmosphere for the children, developing a full social life outside of her work and making sure everything was in order with her own family, never developed a retirement account for herself. She deferred to her husband to take care of all the finances, including their retirement. Long story short, when my friend retired from her career as a stellar nurse, she realized that she had no personal retirement set up for herself. To make matters worse, she and her husband had some differences, so they separated. My friend is now living in a trailer home. She is living off social security and some of her spouses retirement income. Unfortunately, she also does not trust the internet as a source of income to build a business. That saddens me to no end, because so many people not just women resolve that they will have to live on pennies for the rest of their life. That’s not much of a life. And there is another 30 years to live!

As it turns out, Boomers are actually starting to become some of the more active members on Social Media sites, especially Facebook. This brings me great relief. But, there are so many Boomers that are willing to live like rats, scrimping and living smaller than they could be living. It is hard for them to believe that they can actually make a great living online, and I mean REALLY good. In the millions if you apply yourself! I have been studying and implementing online marketing via four businesses that I use and love. This lack of distrust and intimidation that the majority of people still have is an impediment to their  ability to live a great life, i.e. live where they want, travel, buy nice clothes, eat healthy, wonderful foods, etc. My friend who now lives in the trailer home is really good with apps and has showed me a lot about them. She has a knack. But her mindset is not stationed right to make a great living from the internet. Another factor of settling for less is because a  lot of Boomers saw their parents do the same. The majority of that previous generation during the 1940’s distrusted money and went by the old adage that money was evil, rich people are greedy, rich people don’t care about others, etc. They were just recovering from the biggest stock market crash the United States had ever experienced. Plus, education about money in those days was only available to the wealthy. Today that education is available to all.

As our economic society evolves, we have to evolve our education to survive. Take me for example, I was terrified of the internet. But after reading Timothy Ferrisse’s book, The Four Hour Work Week, I knew the internet was my future. That was five years ago. I got over my impediment, fear, and started implementing my teachings from various methods and mentors. Has it been easy? No. But I recently saw a quote which said: “It is hard to be broke. It is hard to learn a new skill set that will give you financial and personal freedom. Pick your hard” I picked the later. I currently promote two travel businesses(because I love to travel) and two online marketing educational products(because I want to be mobile).

If you are fearful of the internet, become friends with me on Facebook. You will see the motivational and educational posts that I do to inspire you. If you are new to online marketing, you have two choices to create your own economy. 1. You can craft your own product to sell or promote, 2. You can become an affiliate marketer by promoting other people’s businesses. Here are the businesses that I am using and promoting so I never have to face the Bag Lady Syndrome:


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http://ILNwithKristi.com  This is the Internet Lifestyle Network. Mark Hoverson, my mentor, shows you the mindset involved for living the Internet Lifestyle. This site is more about personal development. There is a lot of good online marketing education as well. The high end product is the Private Vacation Club.

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