Youtube – The Fastest Growing Marketing Method


Youtube MarketingGrowing your business on Youtube is so easy, even a kid can do it. As business owners we all want to grow at a steady pace. Some of us want to grow faster. Market growth is a nebulous term and personalized to your business plan. But, if you want to grow fast-Video Marketing will get you there! Just the other day while I was watching The View and Rosie O’Donnel introduced us to a kid who sells toys on Youtube to the tune of 1 million dollars per year. He has a Youtube audience of millions. All he does is show how the product works. He is cute and adorable. People LOVE him!

While doing research for this post I found this entrepreneurial¬† kid who has made a small empire selling chocolate chip cookies on the weekend. Mr. Cory’s Cookies is his company name. He is 10 years old. He has 10k views on Youtube, a CBS RRS feed and is just getting started. Just type in his name on the Youtube search bar. He tells his story about how he started when he was 5 years old! He one of the young insatiable business minds of our century.

People love watching performances and love being entertained. Statistics have showed that people much rather watch a video than read or listen to an audio recording in order to learn about something. In fact, whenever I am stuck on how to do something online-I just type in my issue into the Youtube search bar and viola! About five different people with solutions that they have recorded pop up. I simply select the one I feel best for my situation. Help is always at your finger tips, just a click away. Help is the major key issue here. Since I am on online marketer and help people with their businesses I do a video each day discussing various topics such as: marketing methods, empowering marketing/lifestyle mindset or about solving a technical issue. Just type in my name and you will see various videos that I have done, in fact 409 of them.

Whatever your product is that you want to get in front of peoples’ eyeballs-do a video about it. Show your product or a solution to a problem. Do not go over 3 minutes. Short videos between 2 and 3 minutes keeps the viewers’ attention. Once you make your video, I do mine either via a Camtasia recording or my iphone, upload it to Youtube and optimize it. Optimizing means putting in the right key words. And key words are simply the words people type into Google to find a solution to their problem. Do a Youtube search on how to optimize your video or go to my training platform: This is so worth doing because statistics show that if you write copy for a blog or website only 20% of your audience will actually read it. Whereas if you do a video on your subject 80% will watch it to completion. That is a huge difference. As a Guerrilla marketer you are now going to be a big Youtube contributor. Then watch your business ‘blow up’!

To Your Success!

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