5 Steps On How To Improve Your Facebook Engagement


FB_Blog_postSocial networking is the easiest and most fun way to build relationships. Facebook has made it possible to create friendships with people all over the world. If you are promoting a business, this networking platform is a perfect fit. Not everyone wants to promote their business online or in social media. That’s fine. Each person has their own comfort level of business promotion. This post will help you build relationships and promote your business if you have one. These 5 Steps On How To Improve Your Facebook Engagement will work for you if you work it.

If you are a business person on Facebook, the first thing NOT to do is put your business links on your wall or in your messages to people. That tells me right off the bat that you are a rookie and don’t know what you are doing. I am much more picky and selective with people who I want to work with. And so should you.

The best way to promote your business is NOT to. Don’t promote, educate instead! Educate folks on how to build a business, or how to eat healthy or how to travel to amazing places for pennies on the dollar. Whatever you are in – show the benefits! In showing the benefits you will be ATTRACTING followers. And if you really impress people by being consistent you will become creditable. By being creditable, you will attract customers. How will potential customers know what you are in? They will go to the ‘About’ part of your profile. That’s where you will have your links. That’s where your potential customers will learn more about you and your business. Here is a quick guide on how to network in Facebook:

1. Message 25 people per day that look like you can relate to. I can tell the people I like to network with if they have a good profile photo, are active on Facebook and have an interesting About section under their cover photo.

2. Shoot a quick two minute video about something interesting and informative about your life or business. Let people know who you are, what gets you excited about life. Is it helping other people, is it walking the dog, or cooking a great meal. People like to see people engaged in life.

3. Upload that video to Youtube and optimize it. If you don’t know how to optimize it, simply type that phrase into the search bar in Youtube and you will have videos showing you how to do that (or anything else for that matter).

4. Be consistent in everything you do on Facebook. Just like anything else, consistency builds trust and reliability.

5. Have fun! Post fun photos or videos. Post cartoons. Post art. Make your posts something people look forward to viewing everyday.

I can’t stress consistency enough. You can quickly start a great network of new friends by following the above five steps. Enjoy learning more about yourself and the world by being a Facebook contributor. I can really be a lot of fun!

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