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Success has more to do with the proper mindset than all of the hundreds of marketing systems available. Believe it or not mindset is 80% of marketing and the actual execution of marketing methods is 20%. Hard to believe? Think again. Success is about having the determination to succeed. That determination should be more like an obsession. Obsession is an unstoppable force that successful people develop out of passionate desire. Their work isn’t really work, it’s more of a calling or something that just has to be done. Successful people will learn what they have to do in order to get the results they desire. Think of a highly successful person, did they get there by doing barely enough to get by? Probably not, they got to where they are now because of a burning desire to do so.

Imagine yourself being met by a salesperson as you walk into a car show room. Within 30 seconds you size up this person to decide whether you like him or her, trust him and enjoy his company. The salesman’s mindset must be proper if he is to make a sale. That mindset would be confident, excited about his product (a car) and enthusiastic. He would be pleasant and adjust to your tone to be in rapport with you. You would feel connected, happy and eager to buy a car from him because you could relate to him. This is a win-win for everybody! What you didn’t know is the salesman had spent thousands of dollars and years of training to be the best salesman he or she could be. He knew he wanted to be the best, so he invested in himself.

If the salesman was depressed, or overly pushy, he would have turned you off. More times than not you have encountered sales people with these negative attributes, that is because most of them do not have the proper mindset of a successful person. They are just getting by. They have no big goals. They have low expectations of themselves. This unsuccessful attitude doesn’t benefit him or you or anyone else. The successful sales person is so determined that they will invest their own money into a sales training course that will ensure success. And they will keep studying to be the best they can possibly be in their profession. That is admirable and very effective. That is the mindset of the successful.

The mindset of successful people is relentless. It is an obsession to get their goal. Friends or family who don’t understand that may think that you are a little nutty or a workaholic. Unfortunately our society accepts too little from people, so just gettingĀ  by is the norm. Do not buy into this normal mindset. You will be disappointed with your life and make excuses on what you could have done if circumstances were different. Don’t blame or complain. Get busy creating your dream.


Here are some helpful books on this subject:


The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

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