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Facebook Friend Tips:

I get a lot of Facebook friend requests. Unfortunately most of them a simply to sell me something quickly. That is offensive. And a total rookie mistake. Whenever someone sends me a friend request, this is what I do:

1. Go to their FB page to look at their recent photos and posts. If I like what I see, if it resonates with me, I then . .
2. Go to their About page. If it is even filled in, is a bonus. If I like what they are about then I accept the request.

I usually accept friend requests from people who add value to my life, i.e. teach me something about online marketing, the environment, healthy recipes, make me laugh, make me wonder, etc. Online marketers are giving social media a bad name by always pushing their links in your face. Instagram is now flooded with advertisements(they look good too!), but I want to see people’s photos, thoughts and inspirations. I am not on social media to be sold.

If you have anything to add to your criteria of accepting friend requests, please post below.

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