On Hold Again . . .

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On hold again . . .
Yep, I’m on hold with Hostgator. Why? Because I’m going through the process of learning how to host my own websites and putting Everwebinar on my optin page. Why do I go through all of this trouble(it’s taken me days to get this right)?
Because when you host your own site, you have control and you can have Everwebinars going all day long. That means that when someone opts into your awesome optin page and wants to attend a webinar, they can join that webinar within minutes.
That is pure power!
That means that when you are at the store, with your kids, on your bike or at the beach people will be watching your webinar. They will then(if your webinar is good, compelling and you have a great product) buy your product(s).
So, yes, it might be a bit painful to go through the jungle of the internet to get this done  (I’m talking manipulating code here), but this the Key to the KINGDOM. If you learn this stuff and you get good at it, plus learn how to do Facebook marketing, you can make as much money as you want.
We’re talking PURE FREEDOM here.
The caveat, pace yourself and learn how to do it. That is what separates those who make money online and those who don’t. Simple as that.
Your Life Freedom Keys are before you.
If you haven’t already, watch Mark’s video below. You will get a glimpse of what I’m talking about.
My mentor, Mark Hoverson, has put together THE BEST training platform ever. I’m going through it AGAIN. I started out with Mark 6 years ago in the travel business(that I am still in and love). It was a high ticket item then and still is now. I urge you to check it out because of the $1k or $3k commissions and the training is the best on the planet-I should know because I have been part of 6 different online marketing training systems.
If you are passionate about travel like I am AND you want to make a great living doing it, then check out what my friend and colleague, Mark Hoverson has to say in this video.

Just checking to see if you saw this NEW system.

Did you?


Have a great rest of your week.


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