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Real quick . . .
This might be boring, but the secret way to get more sales is by providing VALUE. If you have been doing internet marketing for a while you’ve heard this term way too many times and are probably sick of it.
However, I bet no one has really explained what value really is all about.
So what is value?
If you are here, this means you are interested in internet marketing, making money from home or your cell phone and you are aspiring to live your dream lifestyle. Awesome!
And . . .
You probably have a list of your own via Aweber or Get Response(the two most popular). As you know, growing a business online means growing your LIST with not just any old subscriber, but ones that are a good fit for your business.
That will be a topic I will cover shortly, but for now let’s look at the definition of value. Here’s what Wikipedia said:

There is a page named “Value” on Wikipedia

  • Value or values may refer to: Value (economics), a measure of the benefit that may be gained from goods or service. Value (marketing), the difference
    1 KB (137 words) – 06:48, 31 May 2016
Value in our realm is information that will help online marketers like yourselves make more sales.
Here are three value based super important selling tips that I hope you implement quickly into your business ASAP:
1. Follow up is King. Follow up with your leads via email or a phone call.
2. Webinars are THE best way to make sales. Get an account with Camtasia and start doing your own webinars.
3. Post tips in your blog or podcast that will help your subscribers.
                                           Teaching leads to trust.
                                           And trust leads to sales.
I have learned most of my online marketing techniques from Mark Hoverson including the above three keys.
If you haven’t already, watch Mark’s video below. You will get a glimpse of what I’m talking about.
My mentor, Mark Hoverson, has put together THE BEST training platform ever. I’m going through it AGAIN. I started out with Mark 6 years ago in the travel business(that I am still in and love). It was a high ticket item then and still is now. I urge you to check it out because of the $1k or $3k commissions and the training is the best on the planet-I should know because I have been part of 6 different online marketing training systems.
If you are passionate about travel like I am AND you want to make a great living doing it, then check out what my friend and colleague, Mark Hoverson has to say in this video.

Just checking to see if you saw this NEW system.

Did you?


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