Online Marketing Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them

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I have taken a month hiatus from posting here. Why? Because I’m working on a new training program and need to focus.
I have also put my weekly Wholesale-Traveler Newsletter on hold until the Fall.
One of the issues most people, including me from time to time, have with marketing online is that they try to do too many things! Those things can be:
– Having too many businesses to figure out how to run,market and operate.
-Spending a fortune on trainings and NOT going through them. (Statistics show that 7 out of 10 people who buy online educational training systems-DO NOT go through them! Ugh!
-Not getting any training at all.
-Thinking you know more than the professionals at online marketing and don’t follow their advice.
So, don’t do that. Be methodical, tedious, tenacious and patient. Online marketing is not a “Get Rich” quick thing at all. But, their are people preying on desperate people who want to get rich quick. Online marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. The slow and steady marketers do win the race.
On of my colleagues made his first 30k month in January. He’s doubled that almost every month since then.
Is online marketing easy?  Hell no.  Is it worth it? Every stinking second.
Online marketing or business promotion takes a lot of:
************Hard work
****************Money-for trainings, ads, admins, infrastructure, etc.
My mentor, Mark Hoverson, has put together THE BEST training platform ever. I’m going through it AGAIN. I started out with Mark 6 years ago in the travel business(that I am still in and love). It was a high ticket item then and still is now. I urge you to check it out because of the $1k or $3k commissions and the training is the best on the planet-I should know because I have been part of 6 different online marketing training systems.
If you are passionate about travel like I am AND you want to make a great living doing it, then check out what my friend and colleague, Mark Hoverson has to say in this video.

Just checking to see if you saw this NEW system.

Did you?


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