Pruning isn’t just for Roses


Rose pruning SOMA 024

Pruning isn’t just for roses. As I was pruning my white Iceberg roses(light summer thinning) I was applying pruning to things in my life that aren’t getting me the results I want. I looked at my online business items of things I could prune away so I could get a better yield.

That means:

Unsubscribing from certain email lists.

Canceling systems I don’t use anymore.

Stop instilling so much time into email lists that aren’t producing sales.


And start:

Hanging out and learning from time tested industry leaders like ‪#‎Mark‬ Hoverson, Mike Dillard, Russel Brunson.

Keep testing and tweeting my sales process.

Out source as much as financially feasible.

Teach what I have learned in the last 6 years of online marketing.

Action steps:
Know how to set up click funnel campaigns like there’s no tomorrow.

Do consistent Instagram and Blog posts.

Help as many people as possible become comfortable with the Internet.

Here is how you can take a look at what I’m up to:

As you may already know, I love to travel, thus the emphasis on travel. But back to pruning. While pruning my roses I would cut of spent flowers, crossing branches and diseased wood. The newly pruned rose branch would spring up toward the sky with renewed and vibrant energy. So go out there and prune off the things that aren’t serving you. May you spring forth with renewed, vibrant energy from this day forward😄💖💥

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